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4 Superfire Tips To Handle A Barking Dog

Let’s be honest, we all love dogs. We adore them and love them because of their loyalty and faithfulness towards their master.

Let’s be honest, we all love dogs. We adore them and love them because of their loyalty and faithfulness towards their master. But did you know that there is a certain breed of dogs that are born to bark almost all the time?


Dogs generally bark when they find things around them to be suspicious and mysterious. Their curiosity cannot be tamed by you and you have to let them be that way. But sometimes their frequent barking can hamper your sound sleep and irritate you unintentionally.


HomeShielders have come up with some unique dog silencing methods that will prove to be effective in the long run.


Why do dogs bark? - Some Primary Reasons


Are you wondering what can be the primary reasons why dogs bark? Well, there are numerous reasons to support their innocent barking habit.


  • Dogs are territorial animals and they tend to bark at people and animals when they approach or try to step in their marked territory.
  • These four-legged cautious animals respond immediately to alarms and suspicious sights. Remember that barking to alarms is not limited to their territories.
  • Did you ever notice dogs barking just to grab your attention? Yes, dogs often bark just to get the attention of the people.
  • They are living beings too and they need to exert out their frustration as well. Dogs bark their lungs out to project out their frustration.

Methods to handle a barking dog

Worried about how to handle the barking dogs who are interrupting your sound sleep? Luckily there are no violent and harmless ways to deal with the high pitched noise and HomeShielders recommend adopting the following practices to keep yourself undisturbed from the noise.


  • Using sight barriers

Invasion in their territories and suspicious activities caught in the eyes of the dogs can insist them to bark suddenly in the middle of the night. You need to grab their attention to something else. In simple words, you are basically blocking their sight and keeping them calm and relaxed.

Here is a unique and effective way to tackle this kind of situation. You can use the privacy fencing method as an effective barking dog silencer protocol. This method will cut off the views to the streets and neighboring gardens and your dog will remain unalarmed. Also, leave the curtains of the doors and windows closed and block all sights from your dogs.


  • Setting up a quiet zone

Your dogs might bark when you leave your house and this comes out from their separation anxiety. If you want to avoid this situation, then here is a thing you can do. Make a quiet place for your dogs but make sure you keep the place away from your main door. You can set up a quiet zone for dog silencing. A traditional dog quiet zone may include a comfy bed, a food-dispensing toy to keep them busy, and a white noise machine to block the eternal sounds.


  • Bark control devices

Technology has given us endless gifts and now companies have come up with bark control devices to control the dogs from barking. You have now got an idea about the nature of the dogs and the primary reasons why they bark. Innovations such as Dog Silencer Max, ultrasonic anti-bark system, stress-reducing collar, and miscellaneous pressure wraps.


These devices and anti-stress devices keep a check on the anxiety level of the dogs and ensure they do not get alerted even by the slightest disturbance in their surroundings.


  • Train them

Last but not the least thing to do is train your dogs properly. Discipline is the ultimate thing to maintain peace in your households and dogs are good in learning discipline. You can train them yourself or hire a trainer if you want to.


Training along with devices such as Dog Silencer Max can do wonders. Habituate them with some commands such as sitting, being quiet, and staying in one place. They will obey you and will not feel anxious anymore.


This article sums up the methods you can use to control the barking of your dogs. Make sure you adhere to the above-mentioned tips and tricks and implement them properly. Have a sound sleep every night from now on!


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