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The Panasonic GX800 is a LED TV that has an HCX processor, is perfect with Dolby Vision and HDR10 + and is accessible in numerous sizes. 


Panasonic OLED TVs have generally excellent notoriety among clients searching for the most realistic picture of the market. Notwithstanding, this year the Japanese producer needed to hit the table additionally in the market for LED TVs. For this, it has propelled a different list of TVs that, with a genuinely tight value, offer a portion of the highlights of the top models. As the Panasonic tv price in Bangladesh, a LED TV that is accessible in different diagonals and that incorporates both Dolby Vision and HDR10 +. 

It likewise has the notable HCX processor, which has been tuned by an expert Hollywood colourist. Then again, the TV is perfect with Dolby Atmos, has a Bluetooth association and is good with Google Assistant. Also, similar to the best quality models, it incorporates the My Home Screen 4.0 framework with the most requested applications. In this way, everything appears to demonstrate that the Panasonic GX800 is an extraordinary alternative for the individuals who incline toward LED innovation or have a more tightly spending plan. We will realize its qualities better. 


The Panasonic GX800 has a watchful, however exceptionally exquisite structure. The casings encompassing the board are exceptionally restricted on three of its four sides, along these lines abstaining from expelling the unmistakable quality from the screen. The lower outline is, not surprisingly, to some degree thicker. 

To put the TV on a household item we have a rectangular metal base with two climbing legs that join the base of the board. On the rear of every leg, there is space to link the executives, which will permit us to have the TV region fairly tidier. When all is said in done, this stand is rich and simultaneously makes it not important to have a household item as extensive as the TV to have the option to put it. 

This spotless plan stretches out to the back, where the maker has utilized excellent plastics. The associations and the hardware are in the lower region and add some thickness to the get-together, of course. All things being equal, in the thickest part, we have 23.6 centimetres, a genuinely contained information. Then again, the TV has VESA stay for divider mounting. There are no spreads for some connectors if it happens on OLED models. 

Also, talking about connectors, the Panasonic GX800 has three HDMI inputs good with 4K HDR signals. Furthermore, similar to OLED models, this year the Japanese producer has incorporated the Automatic Low Latency Mode (ALLM), a component more run of the mill of HDMI 2.1 connectors than current HDMI 2.0. This mode makes the screen consequently acclimate to the necessities of the computer game to show a considerably more liquid picture in perfect game consoles. 

Altogether Panasonic GX800 tickets 

Notwithstanding the HDMI ports, the TV has two USB ports. One of them is a USB 3.0 port, which will be ideal for associating a hard drive with mixed media content. What's more, the other is a USB 2.0. Else we have the standard thing on a TV, specifically an Ethernet port, an IC, an earphone jack and a computerized optical yield. 

At last, at a remote level, the TV incorporates WiFi and Bluetooth availability. The last astonishments by including a sound association work. That is, we can without much of a stretch connection a remote speaker or earphones through Bluetooth and move the sound from the TV to them.


The Panasonic GX800 is a TV that utilizations LED innovation. All the more explicitly, it is furnished with a VA board with Edge LED lighting and Local Dimming. It offers 4K goals and inside we discover the Panasonic HCX processor. 

As demonstrated by Panasonic, this TV has likewise been balanced by a Hollywood colourist to offer a picture quality consistent with the movie producers' vision. In any case, it is difficult to offer the picture precisely as its maker needed on the off chance that you don't have all the kinds of HDR that can be utilized today. 

Completely Panasonic GX800 HDR 

So what has Panasonic done? All things considered, you have chosen to remember all HDR frameworks for your TV. That is the reason the Panasonic GX800 is good with both HDR10 + and Dolby Vision, just as with HDR10 and HLG. This will permit us to consistently consider the to be as the chief needed. 

Furthermore, the TV is perfect with Dolby Atmos sound innovation. I'm not catching it's meaning to be perfect with this innovation? That on the off chance that we associate an outside Dolby Atmos sound framework to the TV, we can acquire encompass sound from sources.


Panasonic keeps up its promise to its Smart TV framework. The current year's TVs highlight My Home Screen in its 4.0 variant, which shows up significantly progressively refined. The most recent rendition works quicker than different years, giving a sentiment of supreme familiarity. 

Moreover, it is good with the coordination of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. That is, we can advise our shrewd speaker to turn on the TV or to change the channel, in addition to other things. 

What's more, for applications, it incorporates Netflix and Amazon Prime Video in its 4K HDR variants. It additionally has YouTube, Rakuten or Plex. 


Altogether Panasonic GX800 Price 

To put it plainly, we are confronting a truly complete TV. On the off chance that in any capacity whatsoever we would prefer not to choose OLED models, the Panasonic GX800 territory offers great picture quality and premium highlights with LED innovation. 

The Panasonic GX800 is accessible in numerous diagonals: 40, 50, 58 and 65 inches. Its cost is 760, 850, 1,000 and 1,500 euros separately . That is its official cost, so if we search without a doubt, we can discover them with a more tightly cost.

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