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Tubi TV: what will hardly be seen on Netflix

If by chance you think you've already sold out all Netflix movies, how about giving Tubi TV a chance ? Ok, first of all to say that some of the content offered is far less glamorous compared to that of his rival, but it is an application to free TV smart and can be downloaded from the TV Samsung , Android TV , Apple TV , Amazon Fire and even on Xbox One . Unfortunately, the platform is not yet compatible with the LG smart TV .

As for its collection, Tubi is quite eclectic, but it stands out for not very conventional titles. In it, it is possible to watch vintage films like “The monster of the Black Lagoon”, of 1954 and that is set in the Brazilian Amazon, or films more trashes like “Death Race 2000”, film of the decade of 1970, being a bloody version of traditional “Corrida Maluca”, starring Silvester Stallone.

But it is not just bizarre that the application is composed. There are also common films, present in other streams , and classics on the menu on Tubi TV, such as, for example, the fantasy short film “Viagem à Lua”, by Georges Méliès. And to show that you are not afraid of the competition, there is also a category called "Not on Netflix", with films that are not available in what Tubi considers to be its biggest rival.

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Globoplay: review content with details

Rede Globo's streaming application also has interesting features in the free mode |  Disclosure: Globo / Globoplay

Rede Globo's streaming application also has interesting features in the free mode | Disclosure: Globo / Globoplay

Rede Globo also joined the wave of the streaming service by making Globoplay available . Her differential in relation to the others is that all the content present in the app is part of the collection of the station, being possible to watch reruns of soap operas, newspapers, series, BBB, duty of COVID-19 ... and even the programming of the station In real time. The application, incidentally, is free and can be downloaded on most modern TVs from LG , Samsung and Android TV .

In the free version, the user has the option to use part of the service; the values ​​of paid packages vary between R $ 19.90 and R $ 79.90 per month. For lovers of dramaturgy made by the broadcaster, the investment may be worth it. But, even without a subscription, it is possible to explore several videos to watch, such as the best moments of football games and excerpts from soap operas, for example.


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