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There a lot USA Job Vacancy that can be availed by a single mother. So in this article, we will tell you some jobs that can be landed by a single mother

The economy of the USA Job Vacancy is the biggest in the world. It provides everyone a wide range of opportunities. There was a time when it was complicated for a single mother to earn money and take care of her child, but the time has changed. Now you can work from home and make a fair amount of money. 


The bookkeeper is a highly paid profession. In bookkeeping, a person has to take care of the tax and financial records of the company. He also compiles the record of customers. Many companies hire a virtual assistant because most of the work is done on the computer. You can earn up to $60 per hour while an entry-level job can earn you $20 per hour.


If you are a good reader and have attention to detail, then you can become a proofreader. A proofreader reads content critically for a company or blog because most proofreaders do freelancing, so it is a good option for a single mother. If you don't have any experience, you can learn through courses and tutorials on Udemy and YouTube. The average salary for this job is $27 per hour.

Child care provider jobs:

Child care provider looks after the children of different people and earns money for that. You can also start child care provider service at your home and look after your child with other children. A child care provider looks after the children, gives them snacks, teaches them manners, and changes the infants' diapers. This job requires a lot of care and responsibility, and in return, you get the right amount of money. According to care.com, the average salary is about $ 16 per hour.

Content Writer:

A content writer writes content for different websites and blogs. There a lot of vacancies in the  USA Job Vacancy for content writers. According to a survey, more than 85% of the content writers do their work as freelancers. So it is the best option for a single mother as she cannot leave her child alone at home. Fratres US is a job portal where you can find a lot of content related jobs online.

Social Media Manager:

There a lot of companies that hire people to manage their social media accounts. You have to engage the people and do posts daily. The more people follow your account and the more likes you get, the more bonus you will get. The average salary for this job in the  USA Job Vacancy is $20 per hour. All of the work is done at home online.

Marketing jobs:

Marketing jobs include the marketing of a product and increase the sale of a company. Many companies hire a virtual assistant for a marketing job. He has to contact people online and convince them to buy their products. The salary of the person depends upon the amount of sale he does. The base salary for this job is $10 per hour. You can find these jobs on FlexJobs and ZipRecruiter.

Life Coach:

If you are good at communication skills and love to advise others, it is a good choice. A life coach helps their clients to achieve their goals. He often works independently and from home. You can do discussions on zoom and skype. The average salary for this vacancy in the USA is 21$ per hour.


If you are a multi-linguistic person, then becoming a translator is a good choice for you. A translator works for different companies and organizations. He/ She attends meetings and does the translation for the foreign clients of the company. Many companies hire an online translator for their company because it is more affordable for them. A translator in the USA can earn $45k per year.

Life can be hectic for single moms as they have to take care of the children. 

That's why they must do a job so that can fulfill the needs of their household. There are many job vacancies in the  USA Job Vacancy for single mothers. Above were some job ideas for the single moms that can help them to earn money from home.

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