prior authorization for imaging centers

Way to Deal with Prior Authorization Problems for Imaging Centers

Addressing all the prior authorization for imaging centers, PriorAuth Online can help you in your efforts to achieve a better revenue generation, faster authorization and streamlined operation.

In the US, the imaging center demand is huge with more than 30 million prescribed imaging center tests annually. With the massive test volume and insufficient labor power, today many healthcare providers opt for a much convenient solution of outsourcing.  

PriorAuth Online: Cure to All Prior Authorization for Imaging Centers:

Addressing all the prior authorization for imaging centers, PriorAuth Online can help you in your efforts to achieve a better revenue generation, faster authorization and streamlined operation.

Being a complete one-stop prior authorization destination powered by Sunknowledge Services Inc, we serve more than 28 specialties. Offering unparalleled support with a keen understanding of the best practices of the industry, authorization regulation and its process knowledge we today are known for our customized solution in reducing all the pain points for all our clients. Addressing all the authorization initiation, approval and follow-up our expert’s goal in the prior authorization for imaging centers is to ensure high-quality services along with a reduction in the time that is consumed during the administrative work. 

Closing all the authorization gaps faster and effectively, our team does it all. Right from sharing/collection of information detailing the medical necessity, including back and forth communication with important documents as well as doctor’s office follow-up, patient calling contacting the insurance, updating the outcome in PM/ billing system of the client; PriorAuth Online has it all covered. 

Difference PriorAuth Online Offers to all Our Clients:

  • We are the only company that provides pre-billing activities like insurance verification, prior authorization and order confirmation which no other RCM organization offers.
  • We are the company to communicate directly with the patients and the doctor’s office to get all the documents in time
  • We have working experience across all major practice management/ billing software like Brightree, Team DME CPR+ HME and many more and even have the ability to offer assistance in any client proprietary platform.

Other benefits:

  • Immediately experience an increase in your collection by 80% within the first 30 days by getting your PRIOR AUTHORIZATION accurately approved by us.
  • Highest productive metrics with 99.9% accuracy rate and robust reporting according to your protocol.
  • 100% prior authorization submission on the same day with an increased rate of 1.5- 2x
  • Complete operational transparency with no extra hidden charges
  • 30% shrink in your account receivable bucket from the 1st month itself
  • Exceptional highest productivity metric at a low cost
  • No-cost dedicated account manager with robust reporting according to client’s protocol (daily/ weekly/ monthly)
  • 100 satisfied clients with excellent industries references
  • $1 million Hiscox/Geico Insurance coverage for any errors of Omission & commission
  • We bear all costs of transition during your migration from the old vendor
  • No binding contracts with complete operational transparency 

Working with both payers and providers for years has not only made us excel in providing the complete prior authorization services but also task-specific medical billing activities at $7 per hour including:

  • Order Entry
  • Eligibility Verification and Authorization
  • Doctor Office Follow-up
  • Order Confirmation
  • Scheduling of Delivery

Billing & Collections

  • Creation of Claims
  • Claims Submission and claims Rejections
  • Cash Posting
  • Account Receivable Follow-up
  • Rejection & Denial Management

Instantly getting rid of all your prior authorization for imaging centers and bringing ease and simplicity to the everyday life in your practices, PriorAuth Online is here to bettering relations and streamline the practices at every level. Offering unrivaled help with a sharp comprehension of the accepted procedures of the business, approval guideline and its procedure information we today are known for our altered arrangement in diminishing all the agony focuses for every one of our customers. For more information get in touch with our experts over a 'no commitment call', we are just a call away!   

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