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We make sure every technical and creative decision we make can help you make a sale If you are looking for a web designing companies in india which has development center in india outsource your web design and development work, we are in a short span of time has established itself as a leading offshore outsourcing service provider in india.

Web Development is the biggest strength of the Internet scenario in the technological, automation, and speeding up of the process. We, at  Website Designing Company, recognize the role played by technology and Internet enabled software, in converting simple static websites, to powerful database oriented applications for the dynamic process. 

Web application has three main components: first is the customer interface, second is website Administrator and third is database system. Website Designing Company make use of the latest Microsoft Technologies and Linux platforms, to build practical, user friendly and easy-to-implement applications for our clients' websites. Website Designing Company specializes in offering customized solutions to clients which suits their business needs at the best.

In other words, Website Designing Company believe in the evolution of simple websites to interactive, cost saving and revenue generating centers. 

Phases of Web Application Development:
In order to reduce the risk of potential bugs & security concerns, Website Designing Company follow a well modified model for web application development. It consists of the following phases:

Requirement analysis
Architectural description
Development following formal design
Beta Test
Test Planning, and
Change Control
Testing Web Applications:

Web applications vary in terms of technical complexities and security concerns. Depending on the time to market and the level of complexity, we,at  Website Designing Company, perform a range of tests to ensure its quality. These tests include:

Unit testing
Integration testing
HTML/CSS validation
Cross-browser compatibility, and
Performance, Load, and Stress testing

Website Design

You will discover many individuals on the internet today showing they can create you a website design to suit your needs for amazingly cheap prices. Whilst I agree, when getting estimates for web design you especially need to take into account prices if you are a smaller company with maybe a lower budget, but choosing a cheap website design can turn out to be very costly if not careful.

Website design is a lot more than developing an amazing visual web site with flash and tons of graphics which can in told can drain your bandwidth with badly optimized graphic images. The visual aspect of a website design is just the beginning of the user experience.

An original website design is vital to set your website apart from your many rivals. A specialist web designer can make not only a site design wealthy in visual impact, but something that serves as the key goal of telling visitors why your business is the most effective at everything you do. A nice looking site that has bad and awkward navigation, poor content and dead links is worse than having no website whatsoever. A website design company that does not take notice to totally understand what your goals are and the purpose of your business cannot create the web site you deserve.

The content on your website must serve a goal. A specialist copywriter sees that to begin with, and the content must inform your visitors why you are the best site they should be using. This is one way to transform visitors in to customers. Furthermore, this text should be properly written in ways that search engines like yahoo, bing and of course the biggest google finds your web site and shows it in the correct way.

Search engine optimization is both a science and an art. Concentrating on the way the large search engines like google, bing and yahoo rank websites is vital to keeping your site ranking more than your rivals. A website design that cannot be discovered by visitors is just as bad as not even having a web site.

Whilst top website design could cost more at the outset, the final result of obtaining a visually striking, search engine optimized, simple to use and rich in content website should pay for itself over and over again. Do not become a casualty to attractive cost points from non-professional website design companies. Research thoroughly before you hire anyone, know very well what you are and are not getting for your money and make sure the web design company you choose knows what you are expecting from employing a professional web designer.

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