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Web hosting and tips in choosing the perfect hosting in Pakistan

Tips for choosing Best hosting in Pakistan

one of the most important conditions for the success of your site and achieving its goal. What is your goal of hosting, is it for the purpose of creating a site? Is it for the purpose of obtaining emails for your business? Is it for storing files? Do you want automatic backup storage for your site?
You should ask yourself these questions and more to get the hosting that gets you the most from your site at the lowest costs.

Given the spread of the culture of personal websites, the spread of the Internet and its being a modern marketing tool, I would love to talk about the topic of Best hosting in Pakistan because of its importance in helping you to achieve your goal and spread on the Internet.

Hosting websites, applications and servers in PSS

Web hosting  And how to choose the right one for you is important to help your site spread and compete, in many ways, in these aspects, host reliability, server speed and security.

And if your site does not fulfill these conditions, the visitor to your site will flee forever.

Of course, I will not go into the details of the successful site itself, but I will now enter the appropriate hosting details for your site.

Hosting websites, applications and servers in PSS

The first condition for selection:
What kind of programming does your site depend on?

- Are they HTML pages?

Any server can host and understand HTML pages

Are pages that support PHP programming?

You need a Linux server, and PHP pages do not work on Windows servers except under special conditions, and I personally prefer not to place sites based on PHP programming on Windows servers.

Do your web pages support ASP?

Of course, you need an exclusive Windows server.

And the previous programming languages   are the basic adopted on the Internet.

After choosing the server, we come to the rest of the features

How big are your files?
How many visitors do you expect to visit, and on this, how much bandwidth is allowed, and the bandwidth is the amount of data that is exchanged between a site and its visitors, that is, how many kilos each visitor carries when they visit your site? Multiply the number of monthly visitors and this will be a close to what you need.
How many sites can a hosting plan hold? That is, how many domain names can you run on one hosting plan, which saves you the hassle and costs of booking a new hosting plan for each site you intend to open.
How much processor consumption is available to you daily and how much memory consumption is available to you daily, often these values   are sufficient in hosting for regular sites, but in very large sites it is possible to hear that the site needs a full server, why? Because its consumption from the server processor is so great that common servers cannot bear it

Are there secure emails on your site? What is the firewall used for?
How many databases and how much space are you allowed to use in these databases? It is an important factor for large sites that rely on databases.
How many subdomains and the rest of the features are additional and are according to your need.
In the end, how much is the hosting cost?
Let me stop at the cost and divide the types of servers in my site and explain a little about each one of them:

Types of servers and hosts:

Full server Dedicated server In a full server you book all the server and all the hard disk and you are allowed to use the processor 100% often, and its cost is the highest and starts at about $ 200 per month, which is good and necessary for very large sites that have many daily users up to 50,000 and More, and an example of it is very large forums.

Semi Dedicated server : 

In this type you reserve half of the server or a quarter of it, and you are allowed to use 50% or 25% of the server processor, and its cost is less than the full server, but it remains expensive for regular sites, as it often starts from the price of $ 58 per month.

VPS plans :

It is a virtual structure with a desktop that you can run your applications from, and it starts from $ 12 per month.
Hosting plans in a shared server Shared Hosting : 
In this type, you can host most of your sites with regular, medium and large traffic, and this is according to the server in which you intend to host, and also at the lowest costs, as prices start at only $ 3per month, which is the cheapest and Best suited for everyone.

Yes, here comes the savings

All of my medium-traffic sites are hosted in one convenient plan containing all necessary specifications features as well.

Of course, let me in the end give you advice for the best hosting I have seen, which I have adopted in all my sites for more than 5 years:

If you intend to host a site to only five sites , the best hosting plan is Great Office which is located on the Great Hosts site and the annual cost is $ 66 with the domain name only! It is considered one of the cheapest and most powerful

If you have a large site with traffic per month, you can take advantage of the VPS and Dedicated server offerings from Great Hosts.

Of course, the previous plans are an advice for everyone looking for a server of the most widespread type, which is the Linux server, which hosts HTML pages, PHP programming, Java codes, Python, Perl and many others. By browsing the previous site, you will see a lot of features, and these features will suffice you without Doubt and the lowest costs.

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