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Mohan Vilaas is one of the best Wedding venues in Delhi banquet situated and list of banquet halls in delhi at GT Karnal Road for organizing weddings, birthdays, destination weddings and corporate events.

A Perfect Wedding Venue

                                   How to choose a perfect Wedding Venue

Wedding! Frankly speaking, this is once in a lifetime opportunity for a person who have dreamt, slept and ate nothing other than making this day as his best day in the whole world with her/his beloved one at his side, arm in arm walking down the corridors of finely furnished banquet, ready to pose for a picture perfect photograph that would become the first brick in their new life and would be adored in the coming years by many.

But now let me ask you one simple question, what is that very important for a successful marriage and that is the centre of your prestige. Of course it is the choice of wedding venue that decides how your marriage is going to end. I have a friend and not long back we had a conversation regarding marriage and when she came on the topic of choosing a perfect Wedding Venue, then I could say how her eyes illuminated at the mention of those pretty words. But she go confused on what would be a perfect Wedding Venue. I’m sure along her, there are several like her who often get confused at this topic but worry not I’ve got just the thing for you and I’m pretty sure you won’t be dejected.

So let’s go through some of important points that add up in choosing a perfect banquet halls in Delhi-


Apparently this is the most important thing to consider if you’re in a lookout for a banquet hall in Delhi, especially in the region of Karnal side, as in recent years it has become a hub for marriages and functions. Mohan Vikaas, situated on G.T Karnal Road at a convenient distance of 3 kms from Mukarba Chowk is perfect destination to be free from any hassle of getting freeloaded or being trapped in crowded traffic jams for ages, with marriage going in it’s full swing.

Due to its strategic location, the property is ideally suited for people from Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh as well as NRIs.


Whether it’s marriage or any nominal celebratory function, Mohan vilaas has everything in its bag to offer. From an effective and efficient staff who take over the job of managing the occasion, they have stocked up variety of professionals among their ranks who are worth of accolades. The property itself is quite spacious and boast of having well furnished green rooms and 5 star amenities.

Cuisine Diversity

Food as always been an integral part of any kind of occasion, whether it is birthday party, pool party or marriage celebration, food is and will always been a centre of attraction no matter what you do. Food has lot to do with guest satisfaction and is also taken as the issue of prestige. Here at Mohan Vilaas, this thing is vividly understood. They have their own catering services, that are widely attributed among all the other GT karnal road resorts as supreme.

They’ve got diverse ranges of cuisines in their menu according to the frivolous taste of Delhities and other traditional dishes to go with.

Outdoor Wedding Venues

There always been a trend of Outdoor marriages. With marriages going in full swing under the roof of the sky with Gods witnessing the whole procession, as if giving blessing to the new couple. Mohan Villas, with its vast 2000 sq ft area resorts is one step ahead to outsmart you in your expectations and make sure you get all kind of space for your guests and authentication for your wedding.


Fusion of Modern, Traditional and Natural taste has always been regarded as the best fusion among all the genre or marriage. With banquet and stage being decorated perfectly from flowers, leaves giving a perfect blend of natural beauty without any artificial lacuna. Then the marriage procession going on in full tradition. And at last with a newly Wed couple photoshoot, that put a mark on a successful marriage. Mohan Villas takes all responsibilities and prepare for it by considering the marriage as it’s very own marriage function.

Mohan Villas is the best part hall that Delhi can offer. It has made it’s tremendous name among all the GT Karnal resorts that inhabits nearby making it as a Best destination of all kind of Outdoor Wedding venues in the region.

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