Your Wedding Reception Needs a Portable Bar. Here’s Why

Events are exciting as long as they consist of all the right things that will make the visitors have a good time. One such thing is a portable bar. Now, you may be wondering how can a portable bar make your upcoming party event more exciting.

Let’s be honest, the bar will definitely be one of the most important elements in your wedding reception, not just for the guests but for you as well. It is common knowledge that although people attend weddings to be a part of the celebrations surrounding the union of two people, they stay for the food and drinks. For some, its mostly the drinks. It doesn’t matter if you have an open bar or a cash bar, an exquisitely curated cocktail menu or cheap beer, if you want your wedding to be an unforgettable affair, your bar needs to be able to wow your guests. And in case you don’t want to deal with the added expense of hiring a fancy bartender and creating a menu of signature drinks, a portable bar is just what you need to spice things up.

If you don’t know what a portable bar is, now might be the perfect time to learn about it. In simple terms, a portable bar is exactly what its name suggests: a bar stocked with all the drinks and shiznit that can be moved around so that you get to take the party wherever you go. While portable bars can be used in all kinds of event venues, they can be a godsend if you are tying the knot at a place that isn’t too spacious, like your own backyard or a banquet hall. They are also perfect for open outdoor venues or large spaces like vineyards, gardens, private farms and breweries. Sure, you can always ask your caterer to take care of the whole “drinks situation”, but if you and your fiancé are specific about how you like things, you should definitely consider getting a portable bar or two. It has, in fact, become a popular wedding trend that can help you shift your signature drinks into high gear with its stunning looks, compact design and effortless transportability. Also, who said you need to limit yourself to only drinks? You can also stock your portable bar with scrumptious desserts and sweet treats.




Now, you may be wondering if getting a portable bar is a smart decision. Well, let us tell you that it is a decision you will never regret. Unlike a traditional table or a simple bar top, you get to incorporate a more contemporary and fun structure to the layout. Today, mobile bars or portable bars come equipped with modern features like customizable designs and even light-up panels, which will surely give your wedding a unique touch. Even if you use it to highlight the overall aesthetic of the occasion, a portable bar is an element that can prove to be a great addition to your wedding reception.

In a survey by Wedding Wire, the bar is one of the reception details that millennials value the most. It is up there in the Top 10 along with the bridal dress, decor, ceremony location, venue, couple’s vows and more. But more importantly, a dry bar or any underwhelming bar setting, for that matter, features among the top wedding pet peeves. So, when you get a portable bar to service your guests, you are able to not just impress your guests but also make sure that they remember your wedding for years to come.



Apart from the obvious benefit of portability, let us look at some of the other perks of adding portable bars to your reception:

  • Price

In wedding venues that have their own in-house bars, you aren’t usually allowed to bring in your own drinks or hire your own bartender. This is because these venues make a portion of their money from the drinks that guests purchase during the wedding. But when you use a portable bar, it means you get to stock it with wine, beer, champagne, liquor and mixers of your choice, according to your wedding budget. It allows you to have an open bar so that your wedding guests can indulge themselves without you having to break the bank.

  • Choices

If you and your partner love your margaritas and Negron’s, do you really want to miss out all your favorites, especially on a day that is about you and all that you hold dear? You can use the portable bar service to serve and enjoy all the drinks that any other traditional bar at the venue may not be able to. You can have as many portable bars as you like, supplying a steady flow of drinks throughout the evening.

  • Decor element

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why a wedding reception needs a portable bar is the element of decor that it adds. Now give your loved ones something to remember your wedding by designing a bar that complements and uplifts the rest of the decor. Because portable bars can be customized, the sky is the limit when it comes to sprucing it up. You can illuminate it for a sophisticated and luxe vibe, use your monogram for a personalized touch or even adorn it with fresh colorful blooms. No matter what design you choose, rest assured that your guests will love the idea of the bar.

  • Location

If you are having an open-air wedding at an outdoor venue, having one or two portable bars on-site makes it easier and so much more convenient to serve drinks to your guests. It helps ensure that they don’t have to walk from one end of the venue to another just to have a cocktail. Loaded with an assortment of delicious concoctions, a portable bar is an inviting sight in such situations.

  • Serve more in less time

Once the ceremony is over, chances are most of your guests will make a beeline for the bar. So, if you want to prevent bar crowding during your reception, portable bars are just what you need. You can use them in addition to the regular bar and serve more people at once.

Need we say anything more? If you want your wedding to be memorable, it needs a well-stocked and well-designed portable bar.
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