fire fighter career

What are some careers in fire service?

There is a dispatch officer that takes calls, you could work for a company that supplies parts for fire trucks/ other firefighting equipment.

Working in the fire service is highly rewarding. There are several career options available (although in many areas, some of these job functions are combined into a single position):

  1. Firefighter - You are the one who does interior searches to rescue people trapped by fire like Fire Extinguisher Service Toronto, extinguishes fires of all kinds, and cleans up afterward. When others run out of a burning building, you run in. There are several kinds of firefighters: structural, aircraft, and wildland come to mind.
  2. Vehicle Rescue Technician - VRTs specializes in patient extrication; removing people trapped inside a vehicle after a crash. They use cutters, spreaders, rams, saws, and other devices in their job.
  3. Emergency Medical Technician/Paramedic - Providing advanced levels of first aid and field medicine, these individuals are the first to provide treatment to injured people. Paramedics are authorized by law to perform limited medical procedures “in the field” prior to transport to a hospital, and the paramedic program has saved many lives since its inception.
  4. Engineer - Engineers have to understand the mechanics of fluid dynamics (water flow), pressure, and equipment operation that makes it possible for firefighters and VRTs to do their jobs effectively and as safely as possible
  5. Officer - Officers are typically promoted from within the ranks, and rise to their level to command a truck, station, battalion, or department depending on their skills and interests. The levels of officers become more administrative in nature, and at the highest (Chief) are usually politically savvy to be able to hold their position.
  6. Arson Investigator - A fascinating career choice in the fire service, in my opinion. Investigators are tasked with determining the origin of a fire, and if there was criminal intent, finding the evidence to prove the crime.
  7. Fire Inspector - Fire inspectors serve the industry through a focus on fire prevention rather than suppression. The study building codes, learn about construction techniques, look for areas of risk, inspect existing facilities to ensure compliance with fire codes, and generally help to minimize the potential for life or property loss from fire.
  8. Fire Suppression Alarm Technician - these people design fire suppression and alarm systems. They don’t fight the fire, but they are still very important in the process of keeping people safe from the risks of fire.

Future of The Fire Service:

The first paid fire department was formed in Boston in 1679. So that’s a lot of past. There will always be a fire department, it will just continue to evolve. On most departments upwards of 85% of calls are for EMS this is mainly due to aging populations and just more people. A fire department is the 2nd most costly expense that a city has after the police.

The reason for this is the police have some income to offset their expense. Fire departments produce no income just outcome. Everything in the fire Service is expensive and due to regulations equipment has to be replaced at regular intervals. Some of the expenses for replacing equipment are Turnout gear $3500/set, hose $1000/100’ breathing apparatus $15000/ea fire engines w/ equipment $750000+ With the exception of the engines all these have to be replaced after 10 years. An engine at 15 years.

Add maintenance, fuel for the vehicles. Add training to this and it is very expensive.

If you are looking for job security, the FD has got to be at the top of your list. There will always be a need for one. As long as you can keep up with the physical part of the job, you will have lifetime tenure. There are many aspects to the fire department that allow for specialization. come to mind. Many fire departments now urge the fire fighters to be an EMT.

The training is not that long nor all that difficult but then the pay is not usually very high, either. The hours can be long since most work 24 on with 48 off. It can be a most satisfying job when you save someones life or save a home from destruction, but then there are sadder moments, too. So there are plusses and minuses, but job security is a plus.

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