Hernia treatment

What are some unbeatable Hospitals for Hernia Treatment?

A hernia is the weakness of abdominal muscles allowing organs like intestine or fatty tissues to protrude the weak area. The hernia can occur at different places in the body, but it is often spotted in the groin. The hernia is an asymptomatic disease; hence, we don't see any particular signs of developing the disease. The hernia can cause mild to severe pain, and it requires the utmost medical assistance. Unless it is a tiny congenital navel hernia, it won't go away naturally, so surgery is the only way out.


When compared to both the sexes, it is seen that men are more prone to catching the disease than women. There are no particular measures to prevent the disease from appearing or reappearing; therefore, anyone can be prone to the disease. Nowadays, laparoscopic surgery is the commonly accepted surgical treatment as against the traditional open surgery. In this article, we're going to have a look at some of the best hospitals for hernia treatment, which follow the advanced and safe treatment procedures.


List of Hospitals


Healing Hands Clinic

Healing Hands Clinic is one of India's best hospitals for hernia and other such anorectal disorders like piles, fistula, etc. Healing Hands Clinic has its centres over different cities like Pune, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Bengaluru, Nasik, Jaipur, Chakan and Chinchwad. Healing Hands is a certified centre of excellence in 3D mesh hernia repair. It is an advanced 3D mesh surgical procedure for hernia and has shown remarkable progress in treating this illness.


AB Hospitals

AB Hospitals is located in Gurgaon, Delhi. It is also one of the prime hospitals for hernia treatment which affordable yet provides the best quality services.


Fortis Healthcare Hospital

Fortis is a renowned name in the field of healthcare services. Like their other excellent treatments, hernia too comes among their top quality services. You can check out their Chennai and Hyderabad branch specifically for hernia surgery.


Max Healthcare hospital

Max Healthcare is a leading healthcare unit in India. They offer precision and excellence in every service, and their topmost services include hernia surgery as well. Max Healthcare provides hernia treatment with both the open surgical and laparoscopic procedure. Max Healthcare has its centres over multiple cities across India; hence, you can select your preferred location.


Medanta Medicity Hospital

Medanta Medicity is another unbeatable hospital for hernia treatment. They have a circle of excellent doctors who have been delivering their remarkable service in the field for long. Equipped with the best and advanced technologies, Medanta is a trustworthy choice for treating hernia.


Here is a list of the top hospitals of India for Hernia surgery. We've made this list based on the hospital's quality of service, performance rate, doctors' ability and experience and also the treatment cost. If you were speculating on which hospital to go for, you could give this article a read. Hopefully, we were able to solve all your quarries and answered the probable questions.

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