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What Are The Best Sources For Computer And Accessories News and Reviews?

Knowledge related to computers and its accessories not only brings power but also helps in saving cost and time.

Knowledge related to computers and its accessories not only brings power but also helps in saving cost and time. When it comes to purchasing new hardware or software devices for your favorite PC in the budget, it requires a lot of knowledge which we might not have all the time. There are several accessories related to computers which launch every day such as hardware or softwares. But not all suits our requirements. So the solution for this is to get the review and news of the computer and accessories so that we know about the positive and negative traits.


The news sites let us know about any new product launches and keeps us updated in terms of technology. Whereas the review sites keep us well informed about the features and drawbacks of the computer and accessories launched. One such source is the Amazon product reviews.


Let’s see some of the best sources of news and reviews which gives complete knowledge of the latest technologies launched:


  • TweakTown- This site has tonnes of tech reviews including computer hardware and software. Gives to the point and accurate reviews. It provides unbiased gaming and technology reviews. TweakTown has been one of the best sources for reviews and news on technology since 1999.
  • Guru 3D- It is one of the best sources to visit in case you want to compare any two products launched together. They also provide photos with their reviews which really attracts a lot of readers and helps them in providing the perfect blend of information along with pictures.
  • Legit Reviews- This is one of the most trusted sources for the latest reviews related to technology, gaming, accessories, etc. This source uses a lot of data to back up their reviews regardless of any product. They also put up occasional surprise reviews of underwear for their readers.
  • PC Perspective- This website provides top-notch reviews on the latest products and also provides comparisons of some of the products with the same features. They also provide reviews through podcasts and have a youtube channel of their own which also provides the latest news on technology along with reviews.
  • Techcrunch- Tech crunch is the best news source for any technology news. This site highlights the business perspective of tech innovation, mergers, acquisitions, funding sources, and product launches. The most compelling section of the website is Crunchbase which has a vast database of technology companies and startups.


In this world of technology, knowing the exact requirement is the most important thing but knowing the exact product which fits your requirement gets very difficult. After the rise of the internet at a fast speed, there has been a flood of information on the web regarding computers, mobiles, the latest technology, softwares, hardware, and operating systems. But it always gets difficult for the readers to know which website to trust. There are certain websites that provide genuine information regarding the products and the latest technologies that can be trusted by any user. 


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