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What are the best strategies for social media marketing?

Social media is essential to the success of any business's Digital Marketing strategy.

Despite most of the Businesses uses Social Media Marketing as Digital Strategy but the majority don't even know the true potential of Social media. However, the number of Likes, Followers, and Shares is Still important, but the visibility and awareness of a brand distinguished by far more than just this. Now Social media requires a different and unique perspective to connect with the audiences.

So What is your master plan for Social media marketing?

Consider the following strategies that are almost confirmed to work

1. Use a Memes Marketing Strategy

Followers including other metrics are important but that doesn't mean it's the only reason for your social Success. You need to show your audiences that a brand page doesn't run by bots. if you're posting the same content again and again then the customer will surely be going to lose their interest. Make your community by creating emotions to engaged and can relate with your brand.

in my opinion, one of the most engaging content is memes Marketing.

Examples of Memes Marketing


Personally I am a huge fan of Netflix, I am not talking about their shows however they are good and I love them but more than that I am actually a big fan of the marketing strategy fo Netflix for Social Media.

Heres is an Example of a Recently trending thing Binod. this Name doesn’t need any intro because I think everyone knows it. so here how Netflix India literally nailed it.

Credits - NetFlixin


A moment when Paytm Changes its user Name to Binod. Paytm Shows an incredible move that showed a perfect Example of memes marketing.

Sources - official Social Samosa

Provide Value

Regardless of what you've selected Goals are, Providing Value is the Basic Foundation to help your customer and then they have a reason to follow your Business. if you provide Valuable information and teach them a Something that adds Value, People will look to you as an Authority leader in the industry, and then later they may become your loyal customer

With the help of Social Media, you can directly reach and communicate with your audiences and can give Valuable pieces of Content in form of Blogs, infographics, webinars, and Live streams.

Create Diversified Content

As already you have an idea that posting a picture on Instagram and tweets on twitter and Similar to yet popular Social platforms doesn't go work like wonders. Your content should have some Guideline as to make it Diversified for all platforms. the Topic of promotion of the day in the Social media plan must be the same it May a washing of independent day or Business promotion, but build different pieces of Content that work in their respective Platform.

By doing memes and moment marketing, and different pieces of content it makes more attractive and even engaging to your audiences. basically the reason behind Diversification is the behavior of the user on different platforms. in simple words, you're not going to upload your resume on tinder.

Here is an Example picture which Explains user intensions with different platforms

Credits  - Md Azhar

Profiles on the relevant Platforms.

Now Everyone is Creating a profile on every social channel with the aim of reaching more and more customers, but unfortunately, you can't reach your target audience by doing this. as a result, you must keep in mind your buyer persona while creating profiles on different social platforms. it seems like a simple thing but a very important factor for your Social Media Strategy.

Do Promotion by Storytelling

No matter how creative your ad is but by showing, again and again, it became a boring thing to make it more efficient by increasing the customer concentration span. what if you see an ad of shoes which totally random and of 20 secs which is moving very fast and gone. then you watch a Story of a boy who Is working so hard for his family one day a Random person noticed that he is not wearing anything at his feet. The next day that random person gifts a brand new pair of Nike shoes to him by just Smiling. this is a kind of Storytelling by brands with a message mixed with emotions to promote their products.


1. Dove – Share Stories About Real People to Stir Up Emotions

2. Huggies - Use Data to Create a Touching Story

3. Nike – Reach Out to Your Audience with a Web Series

Nike has moved a step leading in storytelling by launching an 8-episode mini web series on YouTube.

Margot vs Lily

Sources —


You May listened about, chatbots. This Comes with an automation tool that can communicate 24/7 with your customer to resolve their problems. more interestingly chatbots are mostly used website but now the customer is likely to Engage with cahtbots for common quires instantly. Chattypeople Makes it Easier because they make AI-powered chatbot into your social media.


  • Doesn't require any coding knowledge.
  • Can answer customer questions.
  • Is able to take orders directly from Facebook Messenger and comments.
  • Integrates with all the major payment systems.

Influencer Marketing

Promoting products with an influencer gives much more ROI then you expect. Specially micro-influencers are best for Promoting business locally or to Specific target audiences. influencer marketing gives your brand awareness and reaches to a wider group of audiences.


These are some of the Best Social media Marketing Strategies that I have discussed it may apply to your Busines or may not it's your work to define a perfect Plan of action and perfect Strategies to apply which work like wonders in your business growth with Digital Marketing. if you have any dot regarding this post don't hesitate to ask.

Thank you.

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