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What are the different types of spring washers

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Spring Washers are thin plates that are utilized for distributing the load of a threaded fastener such as nut or bolt. They provide high tensile strength to the different materials and prevent loosening of nuts & bolts due to vibrations. These washers have an excellent ability to withstand heavy shock loads owing to which they are widely utilized across the globe to deliver outstanding tensile strength to different machines and equipment. Along with load distribution, the washers act as a spacer between the material and the threaded fastener in order to protect the surface of the material from damages. The spring washers are used in water pipelines as well to provide a leakage-proof seal. 


There are several Spring Washers Manufacturers in India that provide different kinds of washers to fulfill the requirements of all the sectors of the economy. Here, we are listing diverse kinds of spring washers used in the market:


  • Curved Spring Washers: These washers are ideal for large deflections and light loads, therefore are used for simple spring applications. The washers are available in a wide array of materials like bronze, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and others. They provide the fasteners a smooth mating surface and strength required for typical applications. The curved spring washers provide good resistance to corrosion and serve their utilization for a long duration of time even under high load.


  • Belleville Spring Washers: Belleville or conical spring washers have an outstanding load-bearing capacity and their ability to absorb vibrations, as well as shocks, allow their utilization in various industries to process multiple applications in an efficient manner. They compensate for spans holes, joint expansion & contraction, and maintains high tension in nut & screw assemblies. They can be combined in varying sequence so that each size gives many load-carrying possibilities.


  • Shaft Lock Washers: Available in diverse diameters, Shaft Lock Washers are commonly used to prevent bolts & nuts from loosening, slipping and turning because of torque and vibration. They hold the nut & bolt in place even under high pressure that makes them perfect for a number of applications. The washers are mainly made from carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel that prevent their break down under high tension applications. 


  • Finger Spring Washers: The finger spring washers are designed in such a manner that they help in neutralizing noises, vibrations, and excess wear in ball bearing applications. These washers ensure smooth as well as effective operation by reducing skidding wear on rotating applications. They have a split construction with protruding flanges that aid in distributing the load points of a wave washer. 


  • Wave Washers: Owing to their three-point contact and sharp waves, the wave washers have a better load-bearing capacity. As there are no sharp edges to interfere, the washers distribute the load more evenly and efficiently absorb shocks. They have a linear load-deflection range that provides them the ability to absorb non-linear impulses as well. The wave washers are available in multiple shapes to meet the ongoing as well as future industrial demands.


  • Helical Spring Washers: Helical Spring Washers are widely used in the industrial sector owing to their ability to prevent assembly components from loosening. They are manufactured from materials like stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum alloy that provide them wear & tear resistance even under high-speed applications. The washers also provide even load-distribution across the bearing surface and consistent torque control.


There is numerous shim manufacturer in India involved in delivering diverse types of washers that not only increase the lifespan of your equipment or machines but also improve their functional efficiency. They aid by distributing the pressure to prevent the fastener from moving as well as prevent the mating surface from damages.

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