125khz RFID key fob

What Are The Key Benefits Of Using RFID Key Fob Reader In Your Business?

If you have ever visited a music concert, adventure park, or convention, chances are you worn a wristband. You might have used these wristbands to tap and pay for beverages, but never pay the attention how a band can work so effectively?

The need for a metal key to lock or unlock a door, especially for commercial use, is becoming extinct nowadays and become a matter of the past. However, a robust security gateway of today allows the use of an RFID key fob reader or access card to gain entrance to an event, building, or a hotel room. Isn’t it amazing seeing we got advanced with the innovation of technology like RFID?

Today, RFID key fobs have become an important necessity for businesses, car owners, hotel managers, and event organizers simply because of the multiple benefits key fob reader delivers. To know more about RFID key fobs, continue to read this post to understand what key fobs are, what benefits your business can gain by using them, and how it makes life a little easier.

What is a Key Fob?

Key fobs, also known as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) devices, are small wireless devices that identify a person using RFID technology and provide business with reliable access to physical security. This technology can be used in many applications, for instance, security merchandise tagging, secure access control, cashless vending, and cordless security systems. It offers more security and efficiency than traditional key locks. Such RFID technology-centric device enables entry into the building, or a particular area of the building, via security access control systems. They allow the event organizer, management, or the security head of the premise to monitor and control access into their property and know the detail- who is visiting and leaving their premises, and at what time.

The fobs are a wireless device that can be customized in a different size to be attached to a key ring or kept in a pocket. It is considered as the most trusted security device structured with RFID advanced technology to access easy entrance and exit to the premise.

Uses Of Key Fobs

Key fob security device, especially advanced module like 125khz RFID key fob stands out as an appropriate and reliable security system for a wide range of RFID key access security applications. Some popular areas where the use of RFID key fob has been appreciated are:

  • Hotels/ apartments
  • Stock rooms/locker room
  • Events
  • Laboratories
  • Hospitals
  • Government buildings
  • Defense
  • Universities

With a sealed RFID Mifare chip inside, the key fob enables automate check-in or check out security access control application while capturing the information in real-time. This is how it is regarded as a secure and effective device to limit privileged access. And the best part is that it can be easily customized with different colors, with a custom logo and serial number printing- in every possible way as per your specific requirements.

Benefits of Key fob security device

If you are still not convinced by the technology of key fobs, here are some of their main benefits which can reduce your stress.

  • Increased levels of security- It doesn’t matter what industry you belong to, making sure your premise/event is secure has to be your main priorities. With access to a key fob, you can ensure that your premise, sensitive information, and equipment and everything else inside is safe with the robust security of a high-quality RFID key fob access control system.
  • Selective entry- The entry to the event or premise can be programmed as per the requirement to prohibit the entry of unauthorized individuals or restrict entry for a certain time.
  • Maintain records- The technology that supports the keyless entry system like RFID key fobs keeps a detailed record of anyone who enters and exits the building, including the time.
  • Convenient mode- If a key fob is lost or stolen, it is easy to replace it with a new one. It helps you avoid the added trouble of changing all the locks and replacing traditional keys even if one key is lost or stolen.

The key fob is the best technological device to improve security in your business and you can even use the credentials for multiple applications, reducing your security stress and improving efficiency.

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