What Are The Mini Cooper Specifications & performance, Configurations?

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If you are a car enthusiast and obsessed about luxury cars, the Mini Cooper is not a new term to you. However, for many of us who don’t have any idea about cars, the Mini Cooper is a modern era car that falls into the luxury cars category.

As the name suggests, the Mini Cooper is a small car and is specially designed by keeping the women in mind. If you are about to buy a Mini Cooper India, then you are on the right platform. In this article, we give an in-depth review of Mini Cooper.

History Of Mini Cooper:  

Mini Cooper came into light back in 1956 due to the fuel shortage crisis. At that point, people opted for Mini cars than big cars. In 2001, the BMW had acquired the Mini and started producing the Mini Cooper variants.

It has tasted a tremendous success and eventually went on to grab the best luxury mini car. Mini Cooper on road price in hyderabad has steadily grown over the years and now settles at 27 lakhs.

Mini Cooper Specifications:

Mini Cooper comes with fully loaded features and one needs to shell out a lot of bucks to be a proud owner of the mini cooper. It is incorporated with a 1598cc engine and has a max torque of 160 NM @4250 rotations per minute (rpm).

It comes with an automatic transmission and makes driving easy in the city as well as on highways. The seating capacity is limited to 5 members. However, for long journeys, it is recommended to go with four members.

The boot or the cargo volume varies from 160 to 600 liters. As the modern cars, the mini cooper comes with steering mounted controls, such that one can operate the music player and Bluetooth in a jiffy.

ORVM which stands for the outside rearview mirror can be power adjustable. It has Abs i.e.., anti-locking braking system. Automatic climate control which adjusts accordingly with the environment outside the car.

Alloy wheels make your car more luxurious and give it an extraordinary design. Driver and passenger airbags are available, which boosts the car safety. Power windows, air conditioner, fog lights rear and front are some other features. Last but not least, it comes with power steering.


Mini Cooper is not one of the best, and it is the best mini luxury car currently in the world. To gain a speed of 100 KMPH, it hardly takes 10.4 seconds. 

You can fill the tank up to 40 liters of petrol at once. The top speed of the car clicks at 195 KMPH. However, if you are on the look for a mileage friendly vehicle, the Mini Cooper is not your cup of tea. It has a distance of 15.6 kilometers per liter; however, in the city limits, it runs only 10.3 Kilometers per liter.

Mini Cooper Price in India:

The mini cooper price in India starts as 26.6 lakhs on road price. It is one of the high-end models that improves the stature of the owner at the same time gives a smooth driving experience. Mini Cooper comes in three models

•    Mini Cooper hatch: Basic model 26.6 lakhs

•    Mini Cooper S: Mid variant 29.9 lakhs

•    Mini Cooper S carbon edition: Top-end 39.9 lakhs

The aforementioned are the on-road mini cooper price in India. So if you are on the lookout to buy a luxury car, then you can place all your bets on the Mini Cooper.  those who are car-lovers shouldn't miss driving mini cooper.  that brings  a great smile on the persons face who is driving it.


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