What Are The Properties & Advantages of Manufactured Sand?

Sand manufacturers in India - Robo Silicon pioneered manufactured sand in India & was the first company to brand its sand as “ROBOSAND”. Our RoboAggregates used as a base material under foundations, roads, railroads, landfills, etc.

When you are looking for an alternative ingredient for river sand, M-Sand also known as manufactured sand is the best choice. The sand is crushed into cubical sizes that are washed and graded to be used as a construction material. The average size of the sand particle approximately 4.77mm.

Why prefer Manufactured Sand For Construction?

This sand can be used in place of river sand. Due to the rapidly growing construction industry, the requirements for sand has increased a lot, and because of this river sand supply is on a deficit. River sand is easy to find but if there’s not enough quantity then you’ll have to look at another alternative just like manufactured sand.


Because of the deficit of river sand, manufactured sand can be utilized a lot better since it has better-built quality for concrete. Manufactured sand is also readily available and the cost to transfer the sand is pretty low.

Advantages of M-Sand:

  • The required amount of sand is graded without issues.

  • Manufactured sand does not have any impurities like particles or clay which are present in river sand while using it for cement. This is why it has better quality and is more durable.

  • M-Sand is cubical in shape and is manufactured with the rock on rock process.

  • Most of the times modern machines are used for manufacturing the M-Sand.

Properties of M-Sand for Concrete

High Strength

The manufactured sand has high physical properties like its shape, smooth textures & others that make it the best type of sand available to be utilized in construction purposes. Because of these properties, the concrete built using M-Sand has greater strength.

Durability of concrete

Only from selected quality of granite, M-Sand is manufactured since M-Sand has properties that are balanced in both chemical and physical areas for the purpose of concrete construction.


Due to these properties of M-Sand, it can withstand hard conditions and prevents the corrosion by reducing moisture, in turn, increase the durability of concrete structures. Robo Sand for construction has similar properties, that’s why its an ideal choice for construction requirements.

Role of Concrete

There are certain qualities that play an important role while manufacturing the manufactured sand. Since the surface area of the sand is high, the requirement of water increases in order to bind both to be used in construction places.


Because you can control the physical properties of manufactured sand, the amount of water required to make the concrete gets reduced and hence more concrete can be produced. This produces a higher quality of concrete and takes less time to mix these for placing on the construction.

Defects while Construction

Sometimes while using the concrete made with other rime of sand that has low quality, there might be a possibility that some places are left out that overtime can turn in honeycomb, cracks etc. M-Sand can be used to fill these areas since the setting time for M-Sand is optimum and the result is generally fine.


Since using the M-Sand for concrete construction yields high durable product, stronger bindings can be used in multiple places especially when you are looking to improve the defects of any sort, It’s pretty economical when being used in place of river sand in any area. It’s also exceptionally low cost when needed to be transported.


When you make use of river sand there are high possibilities of harming the environment like decrease in the quantity of groundwater, bridges might have safety issues, dams might also have the possibility of getting damaged etc. This is why using manufactured sand in place of that is much better as it doesn’t pose any of these issues.

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