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What are the Seat options in American Airlines

Within 24 hours of booking, you are allowed to cancel your refundable or non-refundable air ticket for a full refund and no change fees and difference in fare subject to the following rules. Refunds are only issued for tickets booked on American Airlines Vacations Reservations. American Airlines Refund you all amount is refunded in 24 to 42 hours excluding tax and services.

American airline reservations are one of the largest airlines in the united states of America. So, If you are a beginner in flying, you might not know, What are the seat selections in a plane?  Every airline has different kinds of seat selection depend upon what passengers want? The same thing is with American Airlines. However, in case you begin to feel reading more, you should know about American Airlines refunds policy as well. In any unforeseen situation, it will help you.


To make your choices more accessible, we have brought a comprehensive Guide on seats in AA. We will get to know everything about seats in AA. We hope you will like this Blog. Let's get started with it. There are mainly four kinds of seats available on American Airlines flights.

  • Main Cabin Extra
  • Preferred seats
  • Elite Seats
  • Standard seats

 We will explain each one.


Main Cabin Extra - These are the seats equipped with the most considerable legroom in American airlines. However, they are not accessible in AA planes. AA calls it the Extra leg rooms seats. Some of the aircraft, which have them are AA 787 Dreamliner,777-200, 777-300 ER. However, you get these as a dedicated mini-cabin. They are situated in front of economy seats.


However, the regional jets have made them equip at EXIT rows.  However, they are not American airlines premium economy seats. You pay extra because you want an extra leg space. The legroom in standard seats is 31-32 Inches, while In MCE, they are 36-37 Inches.


It's better to buy MCE tickets when you are using AAdvantage Gold status. The benefit is this; You will pay at least half of the original price for MCE. If you are at platinum status, you will be eligible to get MCE without paying any amount.


Preferred seats - The next type is preferred seats. When you are booking your tickets, you are then choosing the seats. You will see them in the green color. They are called preferred seats. The leg space is the same as the standard space. They are called preferred because you may get to seated in the front row, or maybe at an exit row. The elite member of AAdvantage can get these seats for free anytime.


Elite seats - As the name suggests, these seats are solely for those passengers who have an elite status AA. If you are not, then you won't even see them while booking the tickets. If you want to book them by paying extra, American airline reservations do not allow it. So, If you want them, you need to check-in before the departure of the flights. The time is twenty-four hours. When the check-in stats, if they are not booked, you can get them.


Standard seats - Standard setas are simple seats which you can book. They are not labeled with any particular name. If you are using American airlines for the first time, and do not have any elite status, you may end up getting these seats.

If you are going to fly for the first time, then you must have some questions in your mind. This is why we have created this small post for you to check out. What things do you need to know? So, for example, if you are flying with American airlines. Do you know about American Airlines refunds Policy? However, we will talk about the essential things for a smooth journey.

So, these are the four kinds of seats on American airline reservations. If you are a solo traveler, you should prefer to standard seats. However, with family, you should consider other options as well. We are sure; it would help you. As we mention airlines, get to know American airlines refunds rules too. 

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