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Why Some Sim Experts Are Already Calling This The World’s Best New High-fidelity Patient Simulator

To understand the importance of a facilitated manikin for medical purposes is of service, so read the full story of the world’s best new high-fidelity patient simulator.

COVID-19 has brought a great amount of turbulence to every aspect of human life, especially healthcare and medicine facilities. Amidst the pandemic, a significant development took place in advance medical simulation patient manikin categorization. For global welfare, MedVision delivered a unique and distinguished training measure focused on improving patient safety outcomes, namely, - the Leonardo adult patient simulator. The simulator is a significant contributor for shifting from basic to advanced training medical procedures, patient case management, and clinical team management.  


Why is Leonardo, the “best new patient simulator“ in the world? 

Well, it all started in 2018 with MedVision approaching Adam Dodson of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. As per the words of the experts, Leonardo is functional with the full articulation of limbs. Him showing no nuts and bolts make it seem to be real-life. Apart from being the most popular manikin in the medical school, Leonardo was also used as a simulator in multi-system trauma training and domestic terrorism scenarios. The best new patient simulator also contributed as an extended help when the professionals were studying the new ventilators made by vehicle manufacturers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

MedVision’s Leonardo is an all-rounder because he can stimulate every clinical complexity, including PEEP, prone CPR, ARDS protocols, asthma, air trapping, and a collective diagnostic end-tidal waveform. The level of stimulation and the clinical conditions can be well crafted via MedVision’s intuitive software and executed, practiced, and mastered through the help of Leonardo. 


How MedVision’s Leonardo is contributing to COVID-19 crisis resolution? 

Dodson points out that the real-looking manikin helps in various respiratory simulations and will continue to do so as far COVID-19 persists. The simulator works with all kinds of ventilators, and capably supports virtual anesthesia machines. It is always geared up for high-flow nasal cannula and everything else like the emergency chest tube insertion. 

Some extraordinary features that Leonardo inculcates are head and jaw mobility, realistic airways, retrograde intubation, chest rise and fall, pulmonary aspiration, airway obstruction, needle cricothyrotomy, variable bronchi resistance, and more. With that, practitioners can also have tons of other features, high-definition graphics, and intuitive touch-sensitive controls to complement each training excellently. 

Now that Leonardo has chipped in too much during the COVID-19 pandemic, he has now been entitled as “the world’s best new high-fidelity patient simulator.” Medvision has thus gained popularization in the global market as the provider of advanced quality education in healthcare through its range of surgical and patient simulators. 

So, if you are a customer in need of a customized simulator for a healthcare facility, Medvision is one reliable name to go beyond just a standard manikin.


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