Indian Railway Schedule

Indian Railway Schedule Helps To Stay Away From Waiting List Ticket

Those traveling must know the difficulties of a waitlisted ticket. And there are many important questions on your mind during these stressful times here are the queries about train ticket confirmation and helping you understand the journey from the waiting list to confirm.

Stay Away From Waiting List Ticket through Indian Railway Schedule.


The monsoons eventually hit the Indian sub-continent amid the humid and warmth of the summer months. Most people must avoid their travel plans during the monsoons. This time to travel is a very bad decision. Roads are obstructed by water and airlines are interrupted by rain, so trains are the only safe way of traveling. But then again, most train passengers have nightmarish experiences.


Therefore, making a good option for these Monsoons is more important than ever. As a matter of fact, you know the trains will be late. This is why you should pick the best trains or those which are hardly late for your regular journeys via the trains between two stops. Premium trains are therefore the best choices in this season. And if you charge extra, you may pay the money; otherwise, you can wait several hours or even days to arrive at your destination.


Millions of people every day Check Train Schedule to seek confirmed tickets for their trip. Yet over half of them have a RAC or, worse yet, a ticket to the waitlist. Railmitra app helps you with all the services of the train from checking PNR status to the Indian railway train schedule. This app not only shows the present booking status but also gives you Confirmation Probability, which will aid you to make an informed decision.


Those traveling must know the difficulties of a waitlisted ticket. And there are many important questions on your mind during these stressful times. Today, we are dealing with some such queries about train ticket confirmation and helping you understand the journey from the waiting list to confirm.


Factors Affecting Confirm Ticket From Waiting List Ticket

  • Train Timing: 

Trains from their origins between 5-9 p.m. are common among travelers. This lets people complete their official duties before they travel. This helps travelers to use their sleep duration for their trip. Waiting PNRs often fail in such perfectly timed trains to be confirmed.

  • Seasonal Rush: 

Festival rushes in some routes make the chances of confirming tickets very low. Most confirmed ticket holders are unlikely to cancel their ticket at the festival.

  • Quotas: 

The VIP, the international, the elderly and the patient quota have certain seats allotted to them. Such seats are often vacant and are only released by the trains to lift the waiting list status at the last moment. But at times all of these train quotas can also be filled. While this is an exceptional case, it can happen.

  • Accidents, Natural Calamities or Train Cancellations: 

If the route leads to the shortage of trains with a specific problem, then the waiting list can be a toss. The confirmed ticket holder from other trains is accommodated in the selected train in these circumstances. And the waitlist will be canceled automatically. Because these factors cannot be predicted, you just want a situation like this not to be near your date of journey.

Initial Movement in the Waitlist Queue is So Slow 

You are among the unfortunate passengers who are in short of the ticket booking deadline of 120 days in advance. For example, the ticket could be reserved 115 days in advance and a waitlisted ticket was issued to you as an outcome to panic. However, you can depend on the ticket confirmation within a week before the train journey only. So every day you check for the update of your PNR status. A week goes by and you see no status change. In these situations, don't panic! This is a frequent phenomenon. During the first few months of the waitlist, the activity levels are constant. 


There will be many ticket holders who have booked speculatively, quotas are still reserved and you will not see many cancelations in the first few weeks unless you are in a third-choice.

When the Movement in the Waitlist Queue Really Take-off

It all depends on the type of train you have chosen using the Indian Railway schedule. Let us know the choices of the train:

  • First Choice Trains: 

These are the most popular trains on a particular route. They are fast, punctual and have at least stoppages. Premium trains such as Shatabdi, Rajdhani, Duronto or other well-known trains are in the category of the first choice train. Inspection of this type of train should be done using Train Time Table to know about the available seat. Confirmed ticket holders do not cancel their tickets often on this type of train. At the last minute, rare waiting list tickets are confirmed.

  • Second Choice Trains: 

When the passengers do not get confirmed berths in the First Choice trains, they search other uncommon trains on that route. These are normal in performance, not punctual and have more stoppages than first choice trains. You could also have to wait for a big improvement in PNR status until the last week.

  • Third Choice Trains: 

It is the last choice of the traveler. Such trains are slow, have a high number of stoppages and mostly late at their destination station. You can get the information about the train ticket at Train Time Table. They are primarily back-up plans in which travelers have already planned some other travel arrangements so that the cancellations for this category of trains remain the largest. From two months prior to the date of your journey, you may experience high expectations of movement.

Waitlist Movement is High in the Last Week Before the Journey

However, 120 days is a long time to happen anything in life. Most of the travelers take a final call within the last 15 days. The cancel ticket holder receives a complete refund according to the refund policy until 48 hours before you board the train. You will receive the same refund amount, whether you cancel approximately one month before or 48 hours before the scheduled train departure. That option is used by confirmed ticket holders and they prefer to cancel late. Therefore, in 2-5 days before the journey, the level of activity generally increases.


The Deadline For Confirming Ticket

The fall of the waitlist queue stops until the preparation of the Final Chart. Train charting is done usually about 3-4 hours before the departure of the train. All the waitlist tickets booked online are automatically canceled. The refunds of waiting list tickets are credited to the passenger’s account within 48hrs.

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