Cleanest Railway Stations

Top 5 Cleanest Railway Stations In India

Explore here Top five Cleanest Railway Stations of India with its facilities.

In India, Railways is the lifeline for the people. The railway department is the largest department in which millions of people are working. Every day millions of people are traveling. There is 8000 railway station in India. India’s Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has launched ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ and people want that’s railway station should be clean for passengers.

In order to make the place tidier, the staff was added, the garbage box is installed and eatables are not allowed inside. They are taking care of infrastructures. Cleanliness is playing the most important role in every railway station. 

Here are some of the cleanest railway stations in the country. 

1. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is a railway station in Mumbai, Maharashtra, carefully planned by British architects engineers. This is a historic railway station that combines Indian and Victorian cultures. Its destination has 7 suburbs and 11 redundant outpost tracks. It occupies more than 2.85 hectares.  It is the busiest and famous railway station in India, with 3 million people a day.

This train station is a UNESCO heritage. Want to explore heritage sites of India take a luxury train Maharaja Express from Mumbai and enjoy a luxury train ride of India. You can book and check the price of Maharaja Express Ticket from the official sites of this train.

2. Thiruvananthapuram Central

Thiruvananthapuram Central is one of the apexes and demanding railway stations. The station is located in the city of Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. This railway station design is one of milestones of Thiruvananthapuram.

Every day more than 300,000 people travel. It has five platforms and a very clean and well-sustained railway station. The station is known for the facilities present within the sites.

 It has various places to eat food and many things; it has book-stalls, a place where people can rest and Internet browsing centers. It is well fortified with modern safety gadgets. This station is the first station in the state to install video surveillance.

3. New Delhi Railway Station

New Delhi railway station's name suggests is situated in Delhi. To reach here you have to take a ride north of Connaught Place, in central Delhi. This station has the biggest route interconnecting system in the world. It is a third fullest and amongst the apex in India. The railways station is located exact between the Ajmeri gate and Pahar Ganj and you get all kinds of ride to reach here.

Its a maximum earning railway station in Indian Railways based on traveler revenue followed by Howrah Junction It has 16 platforms which switch about 350 trains and around 5 Lakh people travel every day. It is a popular and busiest railway station in India, with 2 million people a day travelling.

4. Charbagh, Lucknow Station

Charbagh is one of the famous railway stations of India due to its cleanliness. 'Char Bagh' denote four historic gardens which earlier existed in Lucknow. The architecture is a blend of Rajput, Awadhi, and Mughal. This station contains nine platforms and restaurants, bookstalls, and amazing restrooms.

However the most fascinating about this railway station is that from top or an aerial view it looks like a chessboard.

5. Chennai Central Station

Chennai Central railway station is also known as Madras Central is situated in Tamil Nadu. It is one of the most properly maintained railway stations, Chennai central railway station is very attractive and stunning railway stations in the country.

About 350,000 passengers travel every day. It holds 15 platforms, in which 3 platforms are only for residential trains. Amazing food stall, book stores, and well maintained waiting rooms are there. It brings about 950 m long.


Cleanness is very important for everyone. Indian Government’s initiative like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan has given hope for a cleaner India. Along with the government, it is our duty to clean not only our home but we should clean our society and nation and clean railway station and trains for living a life with dirt-free, fresh clean and hygienic life.

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