Jaisalmer Desert Camping with Camel Safari, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India

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Jaisalmer Desert Camping

In case you're going to Jaisalmer in Rajasthan I as of now, undoubtedly, realize that you're going there for a camel safari. Or on the other hand, at any rate to head into the baffling Thar betray and find it's privileged insights for yourself. 

A camel safari is a fundamental part of any Rajasthani experience and ought to be high up on your Indian pail list. It's something that I would prescribe everybody experience, at any rate once. Braving to the sand hills on your new textured companion, looking in wonder at the dynamic shades of the nightfall and dozing out under the stars all make it an extraordinary outing. 

In any case, there are a couple of things to know before you stretch excessively energized and go beyond and book one! In this way, I've assembled my significant travel tips to guarantee you have a kick ass camel safari in Jaisalmer. 

All in all, what precisely IS a camel safari in Jaisalmer? 

Ordinarily a camel safari incorporates an exchange from Jaisalmer to a camel point in the Thar Desert. You at that point ride a camel for one to two hours (two is bounty, or your bum will be dead!) and afterward watch the dusk on the hills. From that point, you'll have supper at a camp or out in the desert, watch a move show and rest out in the desert. 

This could be on a bed under the stars (out in the open on the rises) or outdoors in a tent. Despite the fact that it is called 'outdoors', it's in reality progressively like extravagance outdoors or glamping! A few tents will have twofold beds and in any event, running high temp water! 

These are my top tips for a kick ass Jaisalmer camel safari 

1. Pick the correct season 

A camel safari seems like silly buffoonery until it's April and you're skin is softening because of it being 40 degrees in the shade. Rajasthan arrives at temperatures of up to 52 degrees during summer (April – June) thus you unquestionably would prefer not to pick an inappropriate season! 

June – early September is additionally storm and, in spite of the fact that Rajasthan doesn't see consistent surges of downpour, you unquestionably would prefer not to be gotten out in it when it falls! You could be resting outside in the desert and it would absolutely suck in the event that you were wet through. During this time the nightfalls are likewise not all that truly, because of the overcast spread. 

The best time to visit the desert in Rajasthan would be anyplace from September – March as this is India's winter season. These months have charming temperatures and fantastic dusks which produce a sky brimming with shading! 

I for one held up until the winter season to encounter Jaisalmer. I just couldn't envision going at some other time. 

jaisalmer camel safari tips 

The sky turned the prettiest hues in November, I couldn't of requested an increasingly wonderful dusk 

2. Try not to book ahead of time 

This is a top tip I would give anybody making a trip to India; don't book any vehicle, lodgings or attractions ahead of time. Without a doubt, you can book in your inn for the primary night to ensure you have some place to head from the air terminal yet from that point onward, I wouldn't trouble. 

Not exclusively may you experience delays because of transport or falling head over heels with a spot and wishing you had invested more energy there, you likewise could be paying over the chances on the web. I would profoundly suggest pausing and booking a safari in Jaisalmer in advance. 

jaisalmer camel safari tips 

3. Try not to pick the main choice, look around 

Your lodging may offer you a camel safari administration and the touts in the market lanes can be influential, however I would by and by do some looking before picking an organization. 

In spite of the fact that the entire of Jaisalmer offers a desert safari administration or some likeness thereof, I would do some examination on the web, twofold check the costs, what's incorporated and if it's certainly what you need. 

Try not to commit an error of picking the first as you may find that it's overrated, or seriously composed. 

Costs can change significantly relying upon the administration and where you're remaining.. For instance, in case you're remaining in a 5* resort, you can clearly anticipate a 5* cost. Moreover, in case you're hoping to go through a night out under the stars on the rises, you can hope to pay much not exactly a rich outdoors/glamping experience. 

My lodging, Helsinki House, offered two sorts of safari. One was an explorer evaluated rest on the hills with a camel safari, move and dinners for around 1800 rupees (£20). The other was an increasingly custom fitted outdoors experience for around 3-4000 for every individual (£35-£40) 

There are such huge numbers of booking workplaces nearby, so evaluate a couple and ensure you're getting a decent cost! Keep in mind, you can deal and all costs are up for exchange. 

This carries me to my next purpose of… 

jaisalmer camel safari tips 

4. Check what's incorporated 

A great deal of explorers I met griped of getting ripped off for a camel safari. They didn't get the chance to ride the camel enough or a supper was excluded that they were anticipating. 

Despite the fact that it doesn't appear a lot, having all that you hope to be incorporated can have the effect of you having a kick ass camel safari or not. Along these lines, it's critical to ensure you pose these inquiries before booking; 

What sand hills would we say we are going to? 

To what extent would we say we are going to ride the camel? 

What suppers are incorporated? 

Will we rest out in the desert on beds? Is it accurate to say that we are given a cover? 

Will we camp and what is the name of the camp? what offices does each tent have? 

Is there water included? 

What's the cost? 

… and, sparing the best until' last, do you offer a markdown?! (Lol) 

jaisalmer camel safari tips 

5. Pick a private rises over Sam sand hills 

Jaisalmer's desert isn't care for Dubai with miles and miles of immaculate rises. It's really a desert with part's of foliage and there are explicit regions of rises that visit administrators visit with travelers. 

Sam sand hills is the most prevalent because of it's advantageous area and you'll see that a considerable lot of the camps are situated here. This implies you'll be gotten together with heaps of visitors which may not be as pleasant. It sees more than 400 sightseers for every day! 

I know for me, I needed an increasingly private visit and experience, along these lines, I ensured I looked. Fortunately, Helsinki House claimed a private hills somewhat further away from home. This implied there would be not really anyone there and was the ideal setting for photography. 

In the event that you might want to check their dates and rates, see here. 

jaisalmer camel safari tips 

jaisalmer camel safari tips 

6. Come arranged and bring supplies 

Thar desert is bubbling in the day (even in winter) and afterward freezing around evening time. So I would ensure that you carry the correct rigging to shield yourself from the unforgiving conditions. 

Bring suncream for the sun pounding on you, water to ensure you're hydrated, comfortable garments for the night spent out in the desert and your camera to record all the extraordinary recollections! 

jaisalmer camel safari tips 

7. There are encounters for all spending limits 

Many individuals feel that going through a night out in the desert must be a 'hiker experience'. Be that as it may, this is a long way from reality. Jaisalmer offers a monstrous scope of extravagance desert camps from the Camp E Khas to the awesome extravagance Serai camp. 

You can see a rundown of the 40 best desert camps here. (remember whether you book straightforwardly, you should book an exchange!) 

You truly don't need to need for anything in these spots! You'll be tended to in every conceivable way and feel invigorated, as opposed to sandy, after your remain. 

jaisalmer camel safari tips 

8. Appreciate it! 

The most significant hint, appreciate the experience! 

Relish in the secrets of the Thar desert, make some textured camel companions, be surprised by the hues in the dusk and wonder about the cover of a thousand stars! There's almost no light contamination in the desert so you will truly have a thousands stars sparkling only for you. 

This was by a long shot one of my preferred encounters in India to date. I'm almost certain I've left my heart in Jaisalmer and will make it a crucial return.

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