HEY, GETAWAY! 9 Preparation Tips for a Convenient Romantic Getaway

Going out for a romantic getaway with your partner is a lovely concept, and preparing for it must be done really well. It’s not very easy, but by getting ready, you can have a smoother and less hassle and more romantic getaway! 

Hectic schedules, full workload, crucial responsibilities -- there are loads of reasons that stand in between your special times spent with your partner. Other couples, especially the ones working, know this. Every holiday or workless weekend is an opportunity for you to make time for your friends, your family and your husband or wife or your boyfriend or girlfriend. 

Oftentimes, coming up with a unique way to spend your time together is a bit hard, especially if you have not much time to actually plan for it. While that’s the case, getting ready for your romantic getaway is a must, and with the 9 tips listed below you can have a more convenient time doing so.



Your work schedules are probably the worst obstruction in spending time going away for a vacation. That’s why for your romantic getaway, which rarely happens, make sure to plan the exact date or dates of your trip. This is to assure that you get your schedule managed.

Agree on a date that favors the work responsibilities of you both. If possible, finish everything you have to accomplish before going out because if you leave any pending duties, you might feel bothered and less relaxed during your romantic getaway.  



The itineraries of your romantic getaway are the highlights of your time. It is very significant that you choose to go to places that you are really interested in and looking forward to seeing face-to-face and experiencing first-hand. 

Selecting a special spot for your romantic getaway is also one of the hard parts because there’s a lot of beautiful places in the world where your feet really want to walk on. It may also be hard because you don’t agree on the places you want to look in on. It’s best that the both of you talk about it so you’ll know what you mutually want to visit and not just because the other partner wants. You’ll have more fun if it’s a choice you both make. 

You can choose places you’ve never been to or those which have a sentimental value in your relationship. Both will make your romantic getaway even more romantic, especially if you are celebrating a marked day such as a birthday, your anniversary and so on and so forth.  



If you’re not going with a tour guide for your outdoor couple adventures, plan your activities yourselves. It will be boring and unproductive if you won’t have any activities and plans as you go from place to place. Do your research while you organize in detail the contents of your “bucket list” if it’s what you prefer. It will keep you away from lag time and will maximize your getaway. 

Even if you want a more spontaneous trip and not a very outlined schedule, you should still do your research to see the possible things you can do and tourist spots you can visit. It’s for you not to get lost along the way as well and to ensure that you are actually going somewhere, literally.  



When you prepare for the schedule of your couple trip, consider the seasons, both the seasons of nature and the seasons of demand. 

Do your research about the weather in the places you are planning to visit. Of course, if you don’t need rain for your trip and for your adventures, make sure you avoid the rainy and stormy seasons. You will better enjoy and comfortably transfer from destination to destination if the sun’s up and the ground is dry and safe. If the season is suitable for your plans, then it’ll be favorable for you.

Another thing, take a look at the calendar of demand for the places you’re planning to go to. If it’s a peak season or a holiday season, then expect that there are many people spending their time there as well. The rates can go higher too.   



When traveling, one of the most crucial things you need to plan for is your accommodation. It should be among your chief priorities since you also want to get a good quality stay. It would be best if you choose an accommodation which is close to where your getaway destinations are.

It’s up to you if you want to book a luxury accommodation or a more budget-friendly one. Just make sure that you factor in the location, the rates, the security and the other inclusions of the accommodations. 



Before the day of your trip, do not ever forget to charge all the electronic gadgets that you will bring with you. It’s not for you to play games and surf the Internet during your trip but to capture and record your romantic getaway’s most precious moments. 

Although the best moments are those directly captured by the eyes and not recorded by any device, still it is essential to bring your gadgets to document your momentous romantic getaway. When you’re already back home and back to work, you can look back to the dear memories you made.



Bring only the most important stuff you’ll be needing for your romantic getaway. Of course, never forget all the essential clothes, medicines, extra bags and other necessary things. Bring a carry-on for your convenience and safety. 

Bringing heavy and overloaded luggages might give you a huge hassle that’ll stress you out during your romantic getaway. They might give you a bad mood and a hard time managing them all, so see to it that you carefully and thoughtfully plan what to bring and what to leave.   



Pack snacks for your trip. They can save your tummies from rumbling and also your wallets from spending too much. Doing this also gives you the chance to eat your preferred foods and to avoid those which may not be allowed for your health. 

You also need to bring food so you can be refilled and energized for the exciting and tiring adventures in your romantic getaway. 



Money can’t buy happiness, but it is without a doubt required for you to have an enjoyable, beautiful, amazing romantic getaway that’s priceless and treasured. That’s why you really should make sure that you have enough budget for the getaway you’re planning to have.

See to it that you have extra money also for other unexpected and spontaneous plans with costs. Remember that even while planning and preparing, you must be already planning based on the budget that you have. It must be something attainable. This will make your trip a genuinely happy one and not just any event with forced expenses. 




Going out for a romantic getaway with your partner is a lovely concept, and preparing for it must be done really well. It’s not very easy, but by getting ready, you can have a smoother and less hassle and more romantic getaway! 



Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Kims, a beachside retreat in Australia offering awesome beachside lodges like no other. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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