10 tips for the ultimate bike trip to Ladakh

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15 tips for the ultimate bike trip to Ladakh


A bicycle trip to Ladakh is one of the things that many men and women aspire to experience at least once in their lifetime.  And then, you will find many others that are experts at epic motorcycle expeditions such as the Leh Ladakh one.  Whether you are a specialist or not, by Bike on rent to Leh compels you to face new experiences.  It will push you both physically and mentally; be prepared for rugged terrains and erratic weather.

The route has gained the reputation of being one of the top-rated road trips on the earth.  Rightly so!  The road to Leh is currently open and so are the enthusiastic bikers ready to pull on the gear.  And since the popular saying goes, precaution is better than cure', we bring you a few tips which you need to keep in mind during your trip.


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I would definitely recommend renting an Enfield only for the trip. If you were riding solo, then its best that you go for a 350CC motorcycle. Renting a 500CC engine is just more power that you will not really need. If you were however with a pillion and all the luggage, I must in that case recommend renting a 500CC Bullet.

1.   Manali to Leh trip is around 476 kilometers, whereas Srinagar into Leh is around 434 km.  However, the most preferred route is the Manali route, which moves through dangerous terrains and some of the greatest motorable passes in the world.  Our guidance will be to opt for the Srinagar path as you would hit the large terrain gradually instead of a quick, steep climb.

2.  The best time for bike trips to Ladakh is from mid-May to October.  Roads from Srinagar are thrown out of mid-May, whereas the Manali route is opened after May.  You can take this road trip only through the autumn and summertime.  Or else, you will need to take a flight.

3.  You must be ready to take care of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), which will hit you at some time period.  It all depends on your coping mechanism, and how well prepared you are. Photo by:  Safina Dhiman, Creative Commons Attribution Licence

4.   Try drinking 3 to 4 liters of water every day.

5.  Do your best not to switch to your intense yoga mode the instant you hit Leh.  Even brisk walking will take a toll on you at such a high elevation.  Wait till your body is satisfactorily acclimatized.

6.  Get prepared for the travel well beforehand. 

7.   For this, you have to go to the DC office in Leh and obtain the licenses yourself.

8.  Do not be in a hurry.  Take normal halts and provide yourself the time to acclimatize and also have the beauty of the location at a slow pace.

9.  Avoid smoking and drinking during the excursion.

10.  It's highly advisable to carry more cash with you rather than depending on ATMs.


11.  Wear protective biking gear if you'd like your limbs and head to remain intact in case of any unfortunate episode. Consider carrying extra petrol with you, since there are sparse gas pumps on the elongate.

13.  Carry with you an extra puncture kit, accelerator cables, clutch cables, tubes, fuses, and air conditioner.

14.  Smiling at strangers won't cost you a dime.  Be a tourist and try to be fine into the truck drivers too!  If by any possibility, things go wrong, trucks are the best option to call out to help.

15.  Try to maintain some days extra on your itinerary.  It will not be a good idea to visit Leh on a bike if you are operating on a tight schedule. Wish you a happy bike visit to Leh Ladakh.

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