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Tips on Averting Unlicensed Taxi From London to Stansted

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Have you ever had a bad taxi from London to Stansted traveling experience? For example, you were forced to pay more in the end, than you originally bargained? You feel uncomfortable traveling with the driver, you reached late at the airport, the taxi never showed up, or the driver was clueless about your location.

If you have never encountered these situations, then you are lucky. But if you have suffered from one of the above situations, then that's is because you have chosen an unlicensed taxi service. This is something that you need to avert at any cost. These unlicensed taxi services cause inconveniences, discomfort, are also dangerous and are a threat to your safety.

There are thousands of people who have reported such bad experiences where they were scared to death of the fact that if they bargained with the driver, they would get to face the consequences. Tourists who travel more and especially to the new cities fall victim to choosing these services. Taxi drivers who are crooked take advantage of their innocence and rob them when they are paying the taxi fare. So now comes the real point, and that is to list some practical tips that help in avoiding unlicensed taxi services.

Is It Your First Experience?

Researching and doing your homework is a must when you choose your taxi service. In this way, the probability of getting unlicensed taxi services gets low. It is best to search for the taxi services in your local area, go through their websites, payment procedures. You can also ask your family and friends if they have used any taxi services that were licensed and reliable.

If you are a traveler and need a reliable airport transport service to pick and drop at the airport, it is must that you pre-book their services to avoid any inconveniences. You can easily book their service online and can check their credibility in the area as well. Also, ask for referrals from your friends and relatives or any other trusted sources for recommendations and experiences.

Taxi from London to stansted

Most of the time, the officials working at the airport can assist you in choosing the right taxi service. They will let you know the exact fares and any changes you can make before booking. The benefit of licensed taxis is that they charged fair prices or even cheaper rates, which is the opposite case f the unlicensed taxi services, as they can charge you more fare for low-quality service. Most of the taxi drivers will bargain if you are not local and won't return the change as well, just to make extra bucks for themselves. So be cautious of whom you hire and avoid getting ripped off from these unlicensed taxis.

Licensed Taxi Transfer Services Are Always Reliable

Always pre-book the taxi service. Victims of bad taxi service experiences are commonly people who book their transport service at the very last minute or are in a rush. Emergencies do occur; however, your personal safety is a priority in an effort to attend to the emergency. Hiring a certified taxi service provider or book a taxi instead of hailing one on the road. Keep the number of licensed taxi service save so that you can book them at the last minute. 

Search for true feedbacks. People who have been robbed by unlicensed taxi services to make their experiences heard across they post their reviews online. And warn other people to keep away from such service. This way, it’s less difficult to make your way around selecting the certified taxi service provider.

Then again, a few unlicensed taxi services are so popular with the locals that it’s easy to fall into the trap of their publicity. Get google registered taxi services to avoid booking with such unlicensed companies. The solution to this hassle is always choosing the official cabs, recognizing the custom taxi colors in the respective areas.

If you’re booking your taxi service through an app, ensure the app is registered for the taxi service it’s providing. And don’t neglect to check the car’s plate number earlier than getting inside. The most frightening aspect of such scams is that they adopt all the features of certified taxis, identical colored taxis, and lighting except that they are not authentic. Such crook taxi service providers make innocent tourists their targets. 


Precautions are usually better than solutions. To save yourself from getting bluffed by using such black taxis recognize the standard taxi fares in the area. So you don’t get ransacked by using the driver. Always check for fake meters, generally, in case you are traveling in a licensed taxi, the meter will show. If this isn’t the case right away ask the driver to stop and report the taxi’s number to the police/concerned branch if you can. So they can take strict action.

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