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Workplace Productivity in an Era of Smart-Gadgets

Do you often work in a hurry or need to wind up something important on the go? If yes, then you should check this product out!

Although smart-gadgets are an invention of the recent past, can you begin to picture a world without them? Gone are the days we used to write letters instead of emails, and using hanging and laying payphones instead of smartphones. Remember that time when it was not possible to have conference calls, and the message was relayed multiple times from end to end, losing its meaning eventually.

With the use of these smart gadgets, life has become so much easier. It has become easier to the point where, now, a lot of the things that we use of the ways we use a smart-gadget are useless and unproductive, especially at the workplace. It has become easier to get distracted by the presence of these smart gadgets. How do we, as a community, tackle unproductive habits?

The answer is simple - by introducing MOFT into each employee, entrepreneur, and executive's life. The word MOFT stands for "Mobile Office For Traveler." WIth MOFT life becomes simple, even when you are stagnant at a place or being a heavy traveler.

Here are a few of the MOFT products that you should get to stop being a distracted soul and find your way to productivity.

Phone/ Tablet stand for Desk

Phone stands can be of many types - pop sockets, stress toys, rings, folding, standing, stick-on, automount, easel type, to name a few. All these types of phone stands fit perfectly for certain situations, not all of them. One function common to all these stands is that they may not be durable for a long while. Here's how MOFT phone stands are the best phone stands for the traveling workaholics among you.

They are also perfect cell phone stand for desk use. Not only do they come in a variety of colors for a lot of different iPhones, but also is undoubtedly the thinnest wallet foldaway stand that doubles up as a stand and wallet at the same time. It even has the perfect angular range for viewing the contents on each phone. Using this makes sure one can effectively video-chat with other colleagues, vendors, and clients for meetings. And unlike all other types of phone stands,

MOFT phone stands are lightweight, most of the users claim that they feel unaware of its existence.

The wallet feature that comes along with this phone stand can hold up to 3 cards. Its magnetic sticky pad comes in handy while traveling. The user can make use of the hands-free ability by sticking the phone stand to a metallic surface. What's best is, users fear that after sticking on the phone stand to the phone, they may not be able to get it off the phone easily when it's time for a change. MOFT phone stands are made with the perfect glue that can be removed without leaving a single mark or scratch.

Laptop Stand for Desk

MOFT laptop stands come in 5 variant colors, and the other six major features that make using this laptop stand one of the best available in any of the marketplaces. Usually, employees have to adjust according to the laptops and desktops set up at their offices; this could work against one's posture and create posture faults, that calls for more medications and therapy. MOFT laptop stands on the other hand, with its placement and adjustable factor helps improve body posture. Unlike all other laptop stands, this one is not thick or weighs as much but is far sturdier than others and can be easily shifted from place to place, on the commute, from cabins to conference rooms, etc. It can be easily attached to the laptop and folded back down according to how one pleases.

If anyone is planning on buying laptop stands and/or phone/ tablet stands, they should explore their options with the MOFT range before deciding on one they like.

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