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What do I need to know before buying a Used Computer?

Before buying a used computer you need to know a lot of things and it is necessary to know these things because there are scammers who want to sell their faulty products.

Before buying a used computer you need to know a lot of things and it is necessary to know these things because there are scammers who want to sell their faulty products.

There are a lot of people who want to make quick money by selling their damaged products. It is always recommended to check and verify products thoroughly before buying a second hand computer.

As we all know used computer for sale is increasing day by day as most of the people are spending money to buy used computer. To make spending worth on buying used products there are certain things needed to be known to buy a used computer.

What are Used Computers?

Used Computers are pre-owned computers that mean these computers were used by someone for some period of time and due to various factor and reasons it is available for sale at low cost because it is not a brand new computer.

Second hand desktops should be bought before checking it carefully and most of the desktops are available in very good condition almost like a new computer and also at low cost.

How can I avoid buying a stolen computer?

·        Documents: Check all the original documents of the used computer. The documents might be a fake or clone version of the original receipt/documents. Check very carefully.

·        Password: Ask the seller to open the computer, if the computer had some login password and he is unable to open the password then it might not be his computer. It might be a stolen one that’s the reason he cannot open the password.

·        Damage: Look for any sign of damage because some desktops have anti-theft devices that have been forcibly removed.

·        Serial Number: Look for the serial number of the desktop and check proper branding and details of the product if the details of the serial number and branding don’t match the seller details then it might be a stolen one.

Things to check before buying a Used Computer

1.      Documents: Before buying a used computer check for valid and original documents. It might be a stolen or fake one. Beware!

2.      Physical Damage: Check for any external damage to the computer like a cracked monitor or broken CPU vents or damaged USB ports.

3.      Noise: Check carefully for any type of noise from the CPU it might be the Graphics Card fan or HDD fan if there is a loud or odd sound then, either fan or the HDD has to be replaced.

4.      Genuine Windows: Right-click on My Computer>>Then Click Properties. Look whether your windows activated or not. Also, look for genuine windows installed or not.

5.      Software: Check for the pre-installed software installed inside the computers working or not.

6.      Slow: Use the computer for at least 45-50mins continuously. Check how good is the response and whether it is lagging or slowing down the computer.

7.      Motherboard: Check the motherboard of the computer carefully. Check the RAM and of which brand it is attached to the motherboard and look for other chips and cards working fine or not.

8.      Usage: Check the overall time the computer has been used and also check the age of the computer like how long it has been brought.

9.      Overall Inspection: Check the overall computer including keyboard and mouse are all the keys of the keyboard working or not and check the computer once again as a whole in case if you missed something to check.

10.  Price: After looking at all the following things check, inquire or do some research on how much you should pay for this computer. If you don’t check if may over-pay for the used computer.


People Also Ask For:

How do I buy a second hand computer?

You can buy second hand computers on classified sites like Cifiyah. Before buying a second-hand computer always compare the price on various different sites and check the condition of the desktop.

Always try to avoid buying a damaged or stolen second-hand computer by verifying the documents and check the product physically.

Where can I sell my old computer?

You can sell old computers on any classified sites by posting an advertisement for free of cost and mention your proper details of the computer on the site and don’t forget to mention your contact details. Interested person can contact you directly and pay you for the old computer.

Old computers have low demand in the market. It is better to lower the price of the product so that you can attract a lot of customers to buy your old computer.

Which is the best place to buy used computers?

You can buy an old computer on classified sites like Cifiyah. Here you can easily sell as well as buy used computers very easily. If you want to sell your computer then just post an advertisement for selling your computer easily and securely. If anyone interested in buying your computer can contact you directly through the contact address mentioned by you while posting the ad.




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