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We designed wall mount patch panel like 12, 24, 36 & 48 wall mount termination boxes for outdoor applications. We gave sufficient space for excess fiber & pigtail

Wall mount patch panel is an incorporated unit for fiber management, these hardware capacities are to settle and deal with the fiber optic cables inside the case and in addition give assurance. These are the fiber enclosure that can be mounted on wall/panel mount applications.


Wall mount patch panels are the perfect outline for building and grounds organizing by making use of IP55 characteristics. Wall mount patch panel contains three sections, the compartment that permits trunk cable and contains splice trays for fusion splicing which obliges splice security sleeves and space for overabundance fiber and pigtail routing, the separable fiber adapter panel which offers access to speedy patching and the comportment that permits distribution cables passages for interface administration. It has extra highlights like the bolt and key office to maintain a strategic distance from unapproved get to.

wall mount patch panel



Our wall mount patch panels are fabricated with advanced manufacturing process using Robust steel/aluminum construction with seven tank process pre-treatment and surface electrostatic spray technique powder coating, which ensures the highest level of protection for sensitive components inside the enclosure and increases corrosion resistance from harsh environmental conditions. Multi-port cable entries allow greater flexibility and provide an extensive range of fiber management systems.


These wall mount series of enclosure coordinates three primary capacities, fiber splicing, cable winding and storing and interface management. These containers are ideal for changing outdoor rated to indoor rated cables. These enclosures can be utilized to give the number of fiber availability and well-being. Single entryway pivots outline with bolt and key for security.


Wall mount patch panels are utilized as a part of Power Systems and Controls, Oil and Gas Industries, Rail flagging, and Control Systems, CCTV and Surveillance Applications. Outside Plant, Mining and Military, Road and Rail, Ship and seaward, Transmission boxes for a substation, Machine Building, Transportation.

UNISOL® Wall Mount Fiber Patch Panel/LIU is designed to support fusion splicing or direct termination of the fibers. This modular enclosure provides cross-connect and interconnect capabilities for splicing and terminating outdoor cables & FTTH drop cables in a fiber access network. Our Wall mounts fiber patch panels are made with 16-gauge mild steel with corrosion-resistant seven tank process powder coating to provide excellent protection for the inside fibers. IP rated Fiber enclosure provides an extensive range of fiber management systems (FMS) fully compatible with industry grade fiber adapters. FTTH series wall mount fiber terminal box is designed to provide quick patching, storing fiber terminations. It is also used for Indoor/Outdoor application and medium-size multi-dwelling units (MDU’s) for FTTx.

Our IP rated wall mount fiber optic patch panel integrates three main functions of fiber splicing, cable winding & storing, and interface management. The enclosure adopts good quality metal sheets & surface electrostatic spray technique, which is offering safety & good endurance performance. It is the ideal design for building & campus networking.


Wall mount patch panel assumes a key part in the field of fiber correspondence organize in the Central workplaces (FTTx), Telecommunications with more prominent security and adaptability. It is a decent choice since it can assist you with organizing and associate the fiber optic connections, and it can shield the cables from harm. Wall mount arrangement of enclosures is the ideal decision for ending fiber data cables where rack mounting choice isn’t open. Outdoor Wall-mount patch panels are accessible in 12, 24 and 36 ports and furthermore accessible in customization arrangement up to 96 ports.


  • Single door hinged type design
  • High-quality Mild Steel Body
  • Mechanical seal
  • IP 55 Rated
  • 100% tested for Mechanical and optical characteristics
  • Installation: Outdoor and Indoor Application
  • Mechanical seal for Excellent seal performance and reusable


Material Mild Steel/Aluminum with 7 Tank Process powder coating.
Dimensions 310*250*55 mm (W*H*D)
Color RAL 7035/Black
Weight 1.8–2 kg
Splice Tray FR grade ABS.
Splice Tray Dimension 180*110*28 mm (L*W*H)
Fiber components standard Telecordia GR 326
Insertion Loss less <.3dB (Multimode), < .2dB (Singlemode)
Plug/Unplug durability 1000 times


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