What is Digital Housing? Why Should You Choose it?

There is a growing chorus of digital housing in India and with so much digitalization happening all around, the real estate sector can’t lag behind. There is a lot of fresh developments that are redefining the home as we know it. And, digital houses are coming, whether you like it or not!


Digital Housing:

Digital housing can be defined as a residence that has appliances that are interconnected through a robust communication network and can be regulated, accessed, and tracked from any place with the help of an internet connection. Apart from that, when you are at a digital house, the house can literally sense your presence and work accordingly. For example, a digital house can open the door for you by recognizing your fingerprint and turn on the light in a room when you enter.
After reading all these, if you think that these ultra-modern features are meant for the youth, please hold on! They can be very useful for the older generation as well as for the younger set. Houses for the elderly outfitted with the internet-connected gear makes it easy for their adult children to monitor their aged parents/elders when they are not with them.
While digital housing in India might sound like an impossible venture to come up or even an alien technology, automating a home has never been easier! With the development of technology, it is now possible to build such fascinating homes. T Homes are rethinking the approach of building houses in India. The maiden digital housing venture is currently under construction. 

Reasons to opt for a digital house:

Monitoring: A digital house provides real-time data and statistics about all the systems integrated into the house- heating system status, energy consumption, security alerts, water consumption, detecting the presence of people, and much more. A dedicated software monitoring the statistics can process this invaluable data and then provide recommendations based on the analysis.  
Efficiency: What’s the point of having a digital house if it is not efficient, right? The energy consumption in a digital house is much lower as compared to a traditional house. The core software of a digital house has an energy process manager that supervises and analyses the data of all the energy-consuming systems and optimizes their utilization accordingly. Also, having a green energy mechanism like solar panels helps to further reduce energy bills by distributing it.
Intelligence: A digital house can get smarter with time by understanding your habits better. Once the artificial intelligence is adept with your regular schedule, the mainframe software can then adjust to your preferences. For example, if you have a habit of taking a bath in the morning before leaving for work, it can ready warm water for you. Or, it can play your favourite music automatically when you return from work.
A Friendly House: A digital house can talk with you. Yes, there are technologies like Alexa and Google Nest, but they talk to you only when you ask them about something from Google. Imagine a home that can listen to your orders and execute them while you lay on the couch! With a digital house, it won’t be an imagination anymore. 
Layers of Protection: With every digital mechanism running on electricity, many people wonder what happens to an automated digital house when the power goes out. Be assured that if you have appropriate back-up protection, you never have to worry about that. Generally, there is a layer of protection that switches the control of the house to the manual mode or follows a standard operating procedure set by you in case of an emergency.
Wrapping Up:
Having discussed all the pros of digital housing, you might still think that all these fancy stuff must cost you a fortune. In that case, be assured that every single rupee of the initial investment is worth it because a digital house will save you a fortune in the long run while making your life very easy-going and stress-free. The digital homes in Ghaziabad will be an exemplary T&T Group project that will provide the first taste of digital housing in India to the owners!

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