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What is the future of virtual casinos?

What does the future hold for this thrilling industry? On the basis of recent trends, here are technological advancements that can play vital roles in the future of virtual casinos.

During the global pandemic, the significance of technology was justified. People ordered food and other essentials on the internet. Entertainment became digital, as online movies and video streaming increased remarkably. There was a tremendous rise in online gaming as people were trapped inside their homes at the time of lockdowns.

Since the first online casino portal’s introduction, the digital card gaming industry has never looked back. With the advancement in new technology, the online casino industry will continue to push the envelope as we progress through developments at a rapid pace. 

The growth in technology has also led the casinos to change itself in order to be the heart of the casino lovers. In the last decade, the industry has seen exponential progress in every aspect. The easy availability of the internet and the rise of smartphones and laptops have made online casino games available to the players across the world which is much more convenient and offers a smooth gameplay experience. 

But what does the future hold for this thrilling industry? On the basis of recent trends, here are technological advancements that can play vital roles in the future of digital casinos. 

Augmented and Virtual reality 

Remember the old solitaire game that you played with your very first desktop computer? That is essentially the look of the old casino game, and we have come a long way from that. The virtual casinos nowadays are visually attractive. The animations are fantastic and even realistic. 

The time, however, is changing, and players' demands are also becoming intense. When it comes to gaming AR and VR technologies are both in demand and the virtual casino sector is no different. Both the technology will offer a real-like gambling experience to its players. 

Presently, you can play VR-enabled games at online casinos. On the other hand, AR can be used in live casino games. When it comes to online casino games, both the technologies are still in the preliminary phase. But as VR devices are becoming more accessible to the public, the future will definitely be full of virtual casino games that will make you feel as if you are playing in a real casino without stepping outside of your house. 

More immersive live casino experiences 

Live gaming is now the trend when it comes to casino gambling. It has brought the casino experience to life for online players. With actual people, real cards, professional dealers, live gaming comes in the middle ground between virtual and physical, especially popular with users who generally have less experience of RNGs games and are willing to engage in a live environment. 

Live gaming is increasing in demand as it increases the player’s overall gaming experience. The games and dealers are presented in the same way as you would expect to see with the walls of a traditional casino. They can be translated into streaming games online. You can easily see many people on Twitch, broadcasting the casino games that they play. 

Playing casino games virtually is usually a social activity. When visiting a land-based casino, you will generally come with friends and meet new people. On the other hand, live dealer gaming can make digital casino games highly interactive. Although this technology is new to the industry, there are casino players who have taken hold and fell in love with the technology. You not only get a chance to interact with the dealer, but also communicate with other players too.

Cryptocurrency payments 

Casino developers are not only seeking to include as many features as possible, but they are looking for new payment methods. Nowadays, players can choose from various modes of payments like debit cards, credit cards, e-services like PayPal, etc. 

Although this is a popular choice, it is essential for the developers to continue to look at what the future holds for virtual casinos banking systems. Some online casinos are using new payment methods to simplify the entire process. It comes in the form of bitcoin platforms or cryptocurrency casinos that provide simple and secure transactions without any involvement of third parties. 

These bitcoin transactions are also completely transparent because everything operated digitally without the need to disclose your details. There are very few companies that are using gaming cryptocurrency in virtual casinos right now, but you will be able to make payments through this in the future. It will be fascinating to see this, especially for online casino games.  

Improved Security 

All authorized casinos are required to protect the data of the players with 128-bit encryption, which is the industry norm. In an effort to prevent identity fraud and money laundering, you can only make a deposit from a credit card that is in your name. Digital casinos ask for proof of identification and residence at their discretion. 

But with time new technologies and innovations will be implemented to reduce the chances of fraud and hackers even more. A few years ago, who would have expected that smartphones would come with a fingerprint sensor? 

The future of the casinos is bright. Players will trust the online casinos more. We are expected to see features such as fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, and more is included in digital casinos which will help the users keep their data safe and secure.


Earlier in 2015, technological companies were already anticipating the future of smartphone apps, particularly, casino games. Casino applications were already in use half a decade ago, and considering the overall coronavirus situation, they are much more prominent today. In fact, smartwatch tech is another recent development that will transform the industry.

Gambling with smartwatches provides a variety of advantages to the users. Apart from offering usual benefits of loyalty points, bonuses, free money, and other promotions that many virtual casinos provide, the casinos also offer them in a non-intrusive manner that is easy, seamless, user-friendly and highly intuitive.

The success and rapid growth of playing social casino games through smartwatch is just a matter of time. Look around: many people already have smartwatches to track their heart rate, activity, and sleep. We may expect to see the rise in the number of applications and other platforms created explicitly for smartwatches. According to a recent survey, many casino players have made the transition to digital gaming, and the smartwatch online social casino gaming industry appears to be the new big thing!

So, where does the future go? If we look at the points mentioned above, we are on an encouraging road. Technology is quickly and eventually evolving. With the leaps and bounds, the online casino industry is already at its peak, it is almost inevitable that the world of virtual casinos is heading in this direction. The ease and comfort with which these games can be played, combined with high-tech security they give, means we can look forward to better and bigger things. 

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