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How To Play Virtual Roulette Casino (2020) Games in India?

Guide to playing virtual Roulette casino games in India.

What is Virtual Roulette?

Virtual Roulette is a simple yet captivating game of chance that is popular at both land-based casinos and online casinos in India. The gameplay of Roulette is as simple as playing a garden slide. All you have to do is to pick up a number, sit comfortably and let the wheel do the job. Online Roulette is also one of the popular live casino games in India.

But before the game commences, you have to set your bet size on the screen and pick a number that is likely to appear. For every starter and the Roulette wizard alike, this game is suitable for all. Since Roulette has a high house edge, you have to bet intelligently to avoid losing big money.

We want you to understand what it means to bet on Virtual Roulette and how you can excel at this game. So for your Virtual Roulette guidance, we recommend you explore the rules, game mechanics, and other essential things in this article. 

Roulette Bet Types

You might be quite curious to know about the Roulette gameplay, but before that, it is essential to know the Roulette bet types. After learning the multiple betting options of a Roulette wheel, you can picture its gameplay.

So without much ado, let’s proceed towards understanding its bet types. Virtual Roulette bets are divided into two main categories: inside and outside bets. 

Inside Bets

Inside bets in virtual roulette can be defined as bets that are placed on the numbers displayed inside the betting area of a Roulette table. Let’s look at some types of Inside bets you can make from your game screen. 

Straight Bet

In case if you want to test your luck betting on a single number, then go for this bet type as it rewards you with 36 by 1 payout upon winning. 

Split Bet

Split Bet is usually made by placing your chips in between the intersecting lines of two numbers on a board. Winners will win 17 times payouts for his original bet in it. 

Street Bet

Here, you have to place your bet on the outer corner of the row targeting three consecutive numbers situated on the same line. 

Corner Bet

A corner bet is usually placed indicating a four number zone of the board, and it has payouts of 8 to 1. Only if the ball drops in one of the four numbers you have chosen, you will win on this bet. 

Double Street Bet

It is similar to corner bet where you can spread your bet across two rows of numbers. If you succeed to win on this bet, your payout will be 5 to 1. 

Outside Bets

You might have seen the table of online roulette game that has many spaces for the chips outside the number board. These are the spaces where you can make your outside bets on several groups of numbers. Even though outside bets don’t pay you more, they have better odds. And it depends on the number of bets you are picking with each group.  Let’s know different outside bets.

Low/High Bet

It is a type of bet in which you have to predict whether the winning number is low (i.e. 1-18) or high (i.e. 19-36). The winning payout for this type of bet is 2 to 1.

Red/ Black Bet

Here you have to place your chip predicting the color of the winning number to be black or red. It has a payout of 2 to1.

Even/ Odd Bet

You have to place your bet here predicting whether the winning number will be odd or even. If you manage to win on Even/ Odd bets, you will receive exactly double the bet as return since the payout of these bets is 1:1. But keep in mind that if the ball drops in zero, then you will lose your bet.

Dozen Bet

It is quite a risky kind of bet as you have to bet on the numbers in dozen. Out of 36 number compartment of the roulette wheel, you can bet either on 1-12, 13-24, or 25-36 number section. The payout on the dozen bet is 3:1.

Column Bet

If you look at the Roulette board, you will find the 12 rows of three numbers that are split. Just changing the angle, the board can be divided into the column of 12 numbers.

You can pick one of the columns out of three and place your bets. This bet gives you a return of 3 to 1 on winning.

How to play Roulette?

Well, now you might have clearly understood the Roulette bet types, it will be easier to know the working mechanism of this bet on the Roulette wheel. Whether you are playing different variations of the Roulette game or the standard one, the playing rules are the same for everyone if you follow reliable free online betting tips. Regardless of the variants of virtual Roulette, you are playing online; you can spin the wheel by yourself after setting the size of your bet in desired bet types. As you enter into the virtual Roulette game through your mobile, tablet, or desktop, you can view your total balance, a place to set your bet amount, virtual casino table, chips, and a spin button on the screen that you can hit to start the game. 

After clicking on the spin button, the virtual Roulette wheel begins to rotate at a particular speed. And in a quick time, a wheel will slow down along a ball inside it that will drop into one of the spots.

A ball can fall at any spot by accident. If it lands on your chosen spot, you will be declared a winner. In case, a ball lands on a different spot, you will lose your bet. You can re-spin multiple times by setting a similar bet amount, or you can change it as you wish. Some Roulette variants such as Auto Roulette allow you to adjust your bet on Auto spin mode where the wheel will rotate itself with each passing round. 

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