What Ivy Admission Officers Look For College Application

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With the arrival of the academic year, high school seniors head to graduation from different colleges and universities across the country. When the summer break starts, juniors have many things on their minds but first and foremost are the college application process. If you are the one who wants to head towards the graduation in Ivy League Michigan, you may be working hard. Maybe you are putting your applications of accomplishments and your potential that shows your capability. As you start with the process of applying for the college, you should consider some of the points that Ivy admission officers look for while reading applications.

The Fundamentals

You will not succeed in this process until and unless you don’t have an academic record. You should have a well-defined academic record which shows your top achievements in your school’s most difficult course load. Try to opt for the toughest courses as you can, spend your time on studies with dedication, and set a goal to achieve the higher points in that course. The fundamentals also include the marks of SAT, ACT, subject tests, IBs, and APs. You can check the Ivy League acceptance rate to start your preparation earlier. It will boost you up during your preparations. The best way is to start from the 9th grade. You should check the syllabus of both the SAT and ACT to decide which will be best to show your skills. Make use of your summers for test preparation and give the SAT or ACT at least 1-2 times during your junior year.

Although APs are not required for the admissions and are also not offered by some of the high schools, you can keep it for self-study. You should look for those that you can do and link it to your academic interests. In case these matches with your interests and strengths, you can use them for independent studies. 


No doubt that grades and courses matter but the UPENN undergraduate admissions want more than the hard-working students or good-grade achievers. You need to learn a lot more by going above and beyond what you learn from your classes. Admission officers expect even more from your academic niche. They look for your curiosity from your interesting fields, courses, projects, and much more. So you should focus on experimenting, creating, exploring, and building to think beyond your study level.


The students who inspire the admission officer the most are the ones who have positively impacted their communities more often from their academic records. You can visit the IvyZen for the best college consulting. Surely, you will get the help regarding how you can leave a positive impact on the admission officers through your academic records.

A Clear Voice

While reading your essays, admission officers look for your genuineness.  They want to know about you, what matters to you, about the things that you do – they get curious to know why you do those things, and what are your goals and target?

You should focus on writing about what you know. Avoid the details of the things that you have done or experienced, but try to reflect the true you how those things have impacted and shaped you. Essays are generally open-ended, so try to write about the things you are interested in. Don’t feel embarrassed or nervous about the topics that have captured your imagination. Just try to show instead of telling the whole story to the reader about the things that make you unique and distinctive.


To build a well-qualified first-year class, top colleges focus on knowing about your personality. How will you be as a roommate, classmate, lab partner, or friend? Are you brave enough to raise your voice against misconduct and the causes you care about?

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