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What Matters The Most In Seo 2021

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For internet marketers and optimizers, 2019 has become quite difficult to rank their website on the top results. This is due to the change in search engine algorithms and specialists need to learn new work conditions. Introduction of Mobile-first indexing also become a striking factor. Another reason is the formation of AI technology, where search engines start to understand the meaning of texts from all sorts. In addition, mobile and voice search began to develop more actively. Therefore, while creating content and sites, you need to take into account these points or can take help from the best SEO in Bradford.

Here, we have some other techniques that matter most in SEO 2019:


If we talk about a few years ago, brands had little effect on search engine promotion. But now, people are increasingly attracting toward brands. From top to bottom, they prefer to purchase branded products that have a great online presence. Therefore, the system needs to analyse the reputation and credibility of their company with additional rating.

For this you need

  • Post backlinks
  • Solve customer problem
  • Find people who can write about you online
  • Spy your competitors’ strategy


Google in 2019 declared the priority of copyright articles over others. Therefore, experts show the interest in quality content by paying more attention to quality than quantity of contents. They also pay special attention to user-based content, not on SEO text.

For this, you can also go for:

  • Creating structured texts that are easy to read
  • Add media content, photos, videos, infographics
  • Update outdated information
  • Try to answer the user’s question as accurately as possible.

The sooner you start writing expert content, the greater the chance of keeping your audience on the site and not losing traffic.


The desire to take high positions is good, but of no sense if there are no sales. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly understand what the user needs? what is their area of interest? How they will behave on the page? Thus you can significantly improve the user’s stay, loyalty, and most importantly the conversion. All these factors will indirectly affect the growth of positions. So, in order to deal with this, it is important for the optimizer to evaluate the target audience and work specifically for it.


In recent years, more and more voice requests have been conducted by voice search on the website. According to various experts, the data can be reached to 40% to 50% by the year-end. Therefore, in order to promote your website, you cannot ignore the features of voice search.


In 2019, it is necessary to change the work with key queries from the classic use of key phrases. Now, these direct entries do not work. The use of new search engine algorithms has begun to worsen the position of sites using glut requests.

  • In modern optimization, it is necessary to use LSI-content that completely focus on preference.
  • You can also create bright headlines with quality adjectives where the occurrence of keywords is not necessary but the main thing is to bring key information to the user.
  • Use more synonyms instead of direct entry. Answer completely the visitor’s question, do not try between sentences requests that make the text ridiculous.


By assessing the popularity of video content, it is assumed that at the end of 2019 they will become a magnet for 75% of traffic. Therefore, presently companies that are using video in their marketing campaign have 40% more traffic.

Of course, to optimize the video you will need additional efforts to make it a high rating.

What types of videos can be used for commercial purposes

  • Teaching / instruction
  • Information about the product or service
  • Brand video
  • Video blogging.

You can also note separately info-business, which at the moment is impossible to present without video presentations.

Additionally, you can note the indirect impact of video content on the site position, due to the time of arrival or transition from the channel, that will have a positive effect on the overall rating.


Today, SEO is not just a technical optimization of pre-made templates. For this, you need to do more and more promotion with the full-scale scope of work. Here taking participation from one SEO specialist will not be enough, but you need a team like Digital Marketing Services in UK. They have a speciality from web developing to optimisation. That can enable your website to engage and retain potential customers. It is necessary to take into account all the needs of the business, otherwise, it is simply useless to optimize.

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