What program will open a mbox file

What program will open a mbox file without hampering any data

What program will open a mbox file by providing advance search options and by maintaining hierarchy of the folder containing mbox files.

What programs can open a MBOX file easily?

Nowadays there are many users who are looking for what program will open a mbox file? Users always wants best solution for their queries. Therefore, they are searching for the best solution. Here, we will discuss about the professional method to solve the technical jargon facing by users. This issue can be solved with the help of professional solution i.e., 4n6 MBOX Viewer application. This is best application for users to solve this issue. By using this tool user will not loose any data. By using this user will be able to accomplish the task easily without facing any issues.

What program can open mbox file

User query: I want to open my MBOX files but not aware about what program will open a MBOX file? After multiple tries, still I am unable to find the right solution to fulfil this. Kindly suggest me some program which can effectively solve this issue of mine. Thankyou!”

Just like above user if you guys are also looking solution for this issue then read complete blog and stay tuned with us for more information.

MBOX is a file format basically known for mailbox and it is used by many email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird and many more. It is a file extension for text files used to store and organize users email and calendar data collection. It can store email messages with all items such as To, Cc, Bcc, From, Subject, Signature, HTML links, Headings, Header, and many more.

Note: If you want to export your mbox files in to another saving option. Then, for this purpose you can use this application. It will easily complete the conversion process without any hassle.

How to open MBOX file using program – automated solution

This 4n6 MBOX viewer application is able to open MBOX file allows users to easily search for specific MBOX emails by providing advance search functions. The MBOX viewer does not need support of any email application. This software has easy – to - use interface so that users can use it without any problems. For experts and beginners, using this utility to open and view mbox file is very simple.  

This application permits users to view and open MBOX emails along with its attachments. It also maintains the hierarchy of the folder containing mbox files.

Characteristics of 4n6 MBOX Viewer application

This application has advance features, which makes users work even more easier. Some of the features are listed below:

  • There is no file size limitation involved in this application to open and read mbox files.
  • It allows to view MBOX file within the preview panel of MBOX viewer tool.
  • This application is capable enough to perform advance searching to browse the desired file.
  • Very interactive user interface for users to easily view emails.
  • Compatible with all the windows versions including Windows 10 as well.
  • There is no need to install any supporting email client for viewing MBOX files.

Step–by–step process of open mbox file with the help of program

Follow some simple and quick steps to complete this process with instant solution:

  1. First, install and run the 4n6 MBOX Viewer Tool on your Windows operating system to start the process of what program will open a mbox file.
  2. After that, user have to click on Open button. Now, select the MBOX file that user want to load into the software panel.
  3. Now, user have to select the MBOX folder and enable Compact View to hide the system folder.
  4. Then, to check the preview in different modes select MBOX email.
  5. Thereafter, tap on search icon and find the text and keywords in your MBOX file.
  6. Finally, click on the right button on the MBOX file attachment to Open and Save All the data.

Final Verdict

In the above blog, we have mentioned about what program will open a mbox file. Many users were looking solution for this query. There are lots of email clients that generates mbox file extension to store messages. MBOX Viewer application is also helpful for computer users. By using above - mentioned steps users can easily complete the process without facing any issues.

The best part about this software is, it has two version i.e., demo version and licensed version. Demo version is completely free of cost. Through this user can make sure that they want to use the licensed version of the software or not. In licensed version user will get more benefits than trail version.

Some commonly asked questions and their solutions

  1. Can I search for a specific MBOX email from multiple MBOX files?

Yes, by using advance search features provided by the 4n6 MBOX Viewer software, user can easily search specific mbox email from multiple MBOX files. This feature allows user to search by keywords such as date, subject, name, etc.

  1. Can I open corrupt mbox file by using this application?

Yes, of course. This tool is able to open corrupt and inaccessible mbox files easily without any errors.

  1. How can I use this software, as I am not much software friendly?

Using this 4n6 MBOX Viewer tool is extremely simple. It has an interactive and user – friendly interface. User will not require any kind of assistance to operate it. All features are self - explanatory and any novice user can use it.

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