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What You Want To Know About Fertility Treatment?

There are fertility drugs that can increase your chances of having a baby when you are dealing with infertility and need support to get pregnant.

There are fertility drugs that can increase your chances of having a baby when you are dealing with infertility and need support to get pregnant.

What are the different types of fertility treatments?

With technology, people with all kinds of fertility problems can be helped in a number of ways. The best options depend on your personal circumstances and what will cause you to become infertile.

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Sometimes just one individual needs to be treated, while others are a combination of the two partners ' treatments.

Fertility therapies often include hormone-assisting, ovulation-assisting medications and sometimes minor surgeries. Aided Reproductive Technology (ART) identifies a number of methods that may help you have a child. ART involves strategies to promote the fertilization of the egg by sperm and to assist in the uterine lining of the egg.

What’s the IVF process?

The first step in IVF is to take fertility drugs for several months to help your ovaries grow a number of healthy, fertilizer-ready eggs. This is called the start of ovulation. Regular echoes and blood tests can be carried out to calculate the hormone level and monitor the development of your eggs.

Your doctor extracts the egg from the body until your ovaries have produced enough mature eggs (called the recovery of the egg). Egg recovery is a small procedure performed at the office of your doctor or in a fertility clinic.


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You will receive medication so that during the procedure you will be relaxed and comfortable. Using an ultrasound to see into the body, the doctor sends your vagina and the follicles and ovaries that hold your eggs in a small, hole duct. A suction machine that pulls the eggs gently from each follicle is connected with the needle.

You mix your eggs with your partner's or donor's sperm cells in a laboratory–this is called insemination. In a special container the eggs and sperm are placed together and fertilized. For sperm with lower motility, they can be directly injected into eggs to facilitate fertilization (also not to swim).

When cells divide and become embryos in the fertilized eggs, people working in the laboratory monitor how progress is made. If you are from chennai you can opt to Fertility treatment in chennai.

About three to five days after the egg recovery, an embryo or more (this is referred to as embryo transfer) are placed in the uterus. In your uterus, you inserted with a thin tube and the embryo is inserted into your womb.

Pregnancy occurs when one of the embryos is attached to the uterus lining.  In your doctor's office or at the fertility clinic, embryo transfers are carried out and are usually not painful.

Plan your rest for the day after transferring your embryo. The next day, you will return to regular business. In the first 8-10 weeks following the embryo transfer, you may also take pills or daily shot of a hormone called progesterone. The hormones make survival in your uterus easier for the embryo.

Two of the most common fertility treatments are:

Intrauterine insemination (IUI)

Healthy sperm is removed and put in your uterus when you ovulate.

In vitro fertilization (IVF)

In a lab where they mature into embryos, eggs are taken from the ovaries and fertilized in sperm. A doctor then places the embryos in your womb.

Cryopreservation (including egg-freezing, sperm and embryo-conservation), the donation of egg or embryo and the gestational carriers (including substitution) often include the use of ART. Sperm donors, donor eggs and substitutes are often utilized by gay couples or individuals wanting a child.

If your own problems with your own sperm cells or eggs cause infertility problems, you can also use donor sperm and/or eggs. Before going to IVF treatment you can also see male infertility symptoms.

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