When And How To Invest In Bitcoins

Bitcoins are one of the top cryptocurrencies in the industry. Before investing in Bitcoin you must know how & when to invest in Bitcoin.

Among all the FIAT coins during 2016, Bitcoin was the highest return-producing type of cryptocurrency.


Based upon this fact, quite a lot of people have started considering buying Bitcoins.


However, they always have this confusion as to what is an excellent time to buy Bitcoins.


It is always uncertain whether Bitcoin will rise or fall because the valuation happens after the consolidation of approximately 1000 USD levels.


Consider Dollar-Cost Averaging Strategy


Divide the total purchase amount into equal and small portions. Buy with each bit consistently. The Purchase can be made in the intervals of a week, a day, once in a quarter.


This way you will be less worried about your buying price. This method will ensure Peace of mind because Bitcoin is a highly volatile asset. This way, you can also use a portion of your salary. You don’t have to invest large amounts, which are generally not available.


The only drawback of the BPL method is that you will not maximize your bullish market profit. There have been many feet during which this method's investment has produced a higher yield than using one lump sum.


DCA advantage in Bitcoin for past eight years: Low risk, High ROI


As per some analysis of results shared by Nadav Ivgi, when investors followed the DCA method, the system generated an ROI of 100% for them. Even people who joined in the last 5years have seen high ROIs. The analysis also reveals that people investing from August 2010 up to December 2016 witnessed a staggering 58,685% ROI.

To conclude, DCA is suitable for long-term investing in Bitcoin. Everybody Believes that Bitcoin will continue to rise since it is available in a minimal supply. However, we cannot guarantee if right now is an excellent time to join or if the price is just right. DCA is an excellent way to hedge your interests.


Advantages & Disadvantages Of Bitcoin



  • Refined, settled in stage could consider utilizing the past coin in securities exchanges, advanced remuneration assertions, and other progressive uses because of almost zero exchange expenses
  • Most significant business sector capitalization, more prominent than 10 billion dollars
  • Secure with some minor provisos including intriguing mineworkers beforehand 51% assault, now maybe 33% assault
  • The enormous fan base for its actual decentralization
  • Built-up and acknowledged by 1000s of vendors
  • Rare, just 21 million will ever be mined


  • Transactions take time. Three affirmations, expected timing takes no less than 15 minutes, however more like an hour by and large as far as I can tell.
  • Lack and finitude imply BTC is inalienably deflationary. Some vibe this is awful, yet this indeed just for individuals who think BTC could conceivably assume control of Fiat totally — not conceivable as I would see it and consequently unimportant.
  • Mining is costly, costing some $150,000 a day, reports Bloomberg. Mining expenses may be restrictive in future development and exchange check. This could prompt payments on Bitcoin exchanges.
  • Bitcoin is seen as costly; individuals don’t care to claim maybe a couple of something, yet rather 10s or 100s, yet this may be understood by a naming tradition, calling Bitcoin, BTC millibitcoin. Along these lines, individuals could purchase a thousand million Bitcoins at the cost of one Bitcoin. It’s mental, yet it is a genuine variable in valuation and appropriation.


Alternatives To Bitcoin

Here are some cryptocurrency top alternatives to Bitcoin. Costs and market capitalization of altcoins depend on information from CoinMarketCap.com on 28th Feb 2014, and all do not fall in the top 10 categories.



Litecoin sets itself up as the alternative silver to Bitcoin gold. Due to affirmations that the transaction process of Litecoin is faster than Bitcoin. The way it’s mined likewise arranges a portion of the preferred advantage for miners with specific PC hardware.



With this coin, miners need to utilize their PCs to discover Cunningham chains, which are groupings of prime numbers. Primecoin touts the mining of such prime numbers as giving potential logical incentive notwithstanding stamping and security for the system.



Namecoin was invented to explore the record-keeping side of cryptocurrency innovation. It goes about as a distributed, decentralized domain name framework for domains related to dot bit. Individuals can buy spot-bit spaces with Namecoin, and afterward, Namecoin tracks the transaction process in the public ledger or blockchain system.



Peercoin was designed for utilizing less energy and being more practical than other alternate coins available. It says it is intended to have a 1 percent rate of inflation.


Ripple, as of now, has pulled in millions in funding, including from Google Ventures. As opposed to Bitcoin, there is no mining of Ripples. Likewise, it is set up as a payment network for Ripple and different monetary standards, and an automatic money exchange system.