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How do Small and Medium Businesses Lose Data?

Almost every fifth small and medium company (18%) has experienced data loss in the last 6 months - according to the survey Data storage security in SMEs carried out at the request of One System. At the same time, companies seem to be awa...

Ethical hacking course

Ethical hacking course and its future

As the world is engaging in digitally transactions and become digitized, the cyber security of data has become vital for every organization. With the rise in social media and internet usage hacking has become a hostile practice. Hackers ...

what is cyber crime

What is Cybercrime and the Dark Web?

You've probably heard the terms "cybercrime" and "the Dark Web". But most people don't know exactly what they are and how their daily lives and businesses could be affected. Many of us believe that antivirus software will protect compute...

Pros and Cons of Using Black Friday VPN

Pros and Cons of Using Black Friday VPN

Online shopping can leave personal data exposed to online hackers, government surveillance agencies and advertisers, who are likely to misuse your data for their purpose. VPNs work by encrypting your online data, making it unreadable.


3 Different Ways to Deal in Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency is a virtual form of currency that can serve the purpose of a medium of exchange. It uses encryption technology to provide safety and security of the transaction histories of the users, which is one of the best uses of the...

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