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Netrika Consulting provides comprehensive Due Diligence services in India. It helps to establish the true value of a transaction and prepare you for a sale and direct you in the right direction. Our Due Diligence Services identify the contingencies and hidden financial facts of an organization assuring better decision making for prospective investments.

Employment Checks with Due Diligence in India

Employers can make a great environment for a talent to thrive and outreach the inherent potential. However, it is not possible to achieve anything when an employee starts with deception on the career path. This happens and with increasing regularities these days. Fraudsters are everywhere so when the employer wants to find the best people to take the company forward they depend on background check services. The service providers do their work with due diligence in India making sure that only the genuine people get inside the organization.

Almost everyone needs thorough background checks:

. Employees going through promotions

. Employees undergoing job duty changes

. During department transfer

. Intermittent workers

. New hires

. Interns

. Temporary workforce

Due diligence in India is a big requirement when it comes to checking the prospective employees because it is easy to oversee the discrepancies in the provided information and the facts. The service providers tend to have a foolproof method in place to ensure error-free results. An experience in the matter along with proper networking with the right agencies facilitates thorough verification of the candidates. As per the statistics one out of every ten prospective employees are lying in their resume so only due diligence in India during background checks seems like the solution.

Netrika Consulting & Investigations has been in the business too long and they never leave any loopholes when it comes to checking the background of employees for their esteemed clients. You can contact them to take away the worry from the process.

Reasons for Hiring a Vendor Due Diligence Company

Vendor or third party due diligence check is performed to determine the credit worth, reputation as well as performance history of any company. In today’s competitive world, businesses need to partner with a host of vendors and third party companies for the purpose of executing a number of transactions and deals on behalf of their company and clients. As a result, it has become important for organizations, irrespective of their size and the sectors they operate in, to hire a reputed background verification company in India. A background checking company focuses on imparting advanced and appropriate due diligence services in India, which further enables organizations in minimizing risks and validate a third party service provider’s performance.

Read on to find top four reasons for hiring a vendor due diligence or third party screening company.

Why Hire a Third Party Screening Company?
Organizations are constantly searching for opportunities to grow and expand their businesses in different geographies and verticals. This is precisely why they must partner with reputed vendors and third party organizations. However, they need to perform a background check and screening before partnering with any vendor, as it further aids them in analyzing the vendor’s integrity and performance, thereby minimizing any potential risk of theft or fraudulent activities. This is exactly where they need to hire a company that offers efficient and reliable reputation check services in India.

. Checks Criminal Record: Due diligence professionals offer advanced and appropriate criminal record and background check solutions in India. They have adequate knowledge and experience around performing criminal record check, which further helps them in determining whether the company or the owner was ever charged for any legal, compliance, theft and misappropriation of funds related issues. Thus, organizations can save themselves from a whole lot of trouble and hassles of chasing a company afterwards.

. Performs License Check: Companies that offer due diligence services in India also perform license check to ensure whether the vendor has appropriate license from the state or not. From verifying whether the third party organization has current license or not to ensuring that their license has never been revoked for any wrongdoings in the past, vendor due diligence companies conduct extensive research in order to determine whether the vendor is worth partnering or not.

. Performs Insurance Check: Another reason for hiring a reputed third party screening company is that they can easily check whether the vendor you’re looking to partner with is appropriately insured or not. Organizations need to understand that entering into a contract with non-insured vendors may result in future lawsuits, in case of damages or other issues. Thus, it is vital for organizations to pick vendors who’re insured and also comply with appropriate state laws and regulations.

. Looks into Legal or Regulatory Issues: Last but not the least, third party due diligence service providers also check whether the vendor has ever run into any legal cases/issues and lawsuits or not. Remember, a third party organization that has run into such issues is definitely not the right pick for your company. They may have conducted thefts, frauds and other illegal activities and may repeat the same with your organization too. Hence, it is crucial for organizations to seek the services of vendor due diligence companies that helps you in determining whether the vendor is worth your time and efforts or not.

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