Here Are 6 Signs That Could Tell If Your Computer Is Hacked Or Not

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Computers have become an integral part of our lives. They might have made life easier for us but they come with their own set of problems. Hacking is one of them.  This can lead to your personal data being compromised over the internet that you certainly wouldn’t want. Therefore, Augusta Computer Experts in Augusta GA provide the best computer security protection and virus removal services to cater all your requirements.

Some signs to look out if you think your computer has been hacked are:

#1. Your Webcam Lights Up Even When Not In Use

Have you ever seen photos in front of a computer with a little piece of tape stuck over their webcam? That is because webcam hacking is surprisingly common and the last thing you want is to be spied on. If you notice your webcam activity light coming on when you are not using it, be very careful as you might have been hacked.  Run malware and antivirus software.. If you have a webcam that can be switched off/disconnected you should only turn it on when using it.

#2. Disabled Antivirus Protection and Task Programs

The most advanced viruses can potentially disable your antivirus software. The only option you would have is to terminate any suspiciously-running software through task manager or registry editor. Even if you wanted to, it’s highly likely that you wouldn’t be able to open any of these two programs as they also might have been disabled. Such type of viruses are extremely dangerous as your computer is vulnerable to any kind of malware and hackers. Disabled protection software is a crystal clear sign that you have been hacked. Immediate action is required to restore a secure environment.

#3. Your Computer Has Slowed Down Considerably

Has Your Computer lost some of its legs? Does it take forever for your system to boot and load programs? Your computer might be taking a serious hit to performance in a short amount of time. That is because its busy doing other things like serving the malware that’s infecting it. It eats up a lot of your computer’s memory and slows it down.

#4. Increased Network Activity

For any hacker to take control of your computer they must remotely connect to it. When someone is remotely connected to your computer, your computer will be slower. Also after many times a computer has been hacked, it becomes a zombie to attack other computers. You can install a bandwidth monitor program on your computer. This can help determine which programs are using bandwidth on your computer.

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#5. Programs Start Crashing

If your favorite apps and programs on your computer start to crash frequently, it’s a clear sign that your system has been infected. You may not be able to click on a once reliable program. In the worst case scenario, ransomware may prevent you from opening your favorite files and software. You can try to fix the problem by booting your gadget in safe mode. With the safe mode, your computer will be running with just the bare essentials. This way you uninstall files and programs that you can’t during normal operation.

#6. Social Media Messages You Didn’t Send

If your friends have received some kind of message on social media often containing some kind of URL from you that you never sent, it’s a sign that your account and system has been hacked. Generally the hacker is using your account to send it a message to all your friends with the link that will automatically start the download of a malicious file. It could be a standard message or only a URL.

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