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Hats are Good to Go– A headband, hats or bakerboy hat can look chic with sweater. They bring the focus to the face and dial the heaviness of the sweater down

What Are the Best Accessories to Wear with Your Jumpers and Sweaters?



FEBRUARY 10, 2020

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The sweater-weather is now on! The Delhi weather is neither too cold nor too hot and you can feel the nip in the air even when there is a full-on sunshine.


So grab your mock necks, turtlenecks, cable knits, crewnecks and accessorise and style the sweaters up to look your best with scarves, sweaters and layers and much more.

There are a couple of ways to wear accessories with the sweaters for balancing the chunkiness and at the same time turn the outfit into a statement. 

There are various ways to upgrade the simple sweater and dress it up. Here are some chic ways for dressing up the sweater. 


How to Accessorise the Sweater

Some of the best ways to accessorize the sweater are enlisted here. It is easy to fall into the old “jeans and sweater” rut that will enable you to become good conversation starters. That is why the post will assist you to look at things in a new way. 

Here are some of the things that can help you sport the perfect sweater look. 

Best Accessories to Wear with Sweater


  • Add a Belt – The oversized sweaters have always been the rage and if you are into casual looks then the trend is perfect for you and if you are looking for a look that is polished with soft structures then you can always add the coveted belt to the sweater and get it stitched by the waist. 
  • Go for a Scarf –Most will rarely step out of the house in the winter or fall without some kind of scarf. This goes a long way in pulling the sweater look together. So if you find that the outfit which you have worn is lacking something special then you can invest in a few scarves and sport it around the neck or wear it around your head. 
  • Opt for a Necklace – Another way to add more bling and detail to a dress is to accessorise with a simple sweater. It is super-easy and it is great if you desire a trace of glamour to any look. Try necklaces of different lengths. Here are some tips about how to go for the necklaces and the sweater. 
  • Go for a Jacket on Top – The styling works really well with the sweaters and they are not quite thick. You can go for a more exciting look by throwing a jacket on the sweater top. Ensure that the jacket is of a variant structure. Lace looks awesome if you want a dainty and soft feeling while a leather jacket on top of the sweater is great to add great elegance to your look. 
  • Hats are Good to Go– A headband, hats or bakerboy hat can look chic with sweater. They bring the focus to the face and dial the heaviness of the sweater down. This can, however, be a little risky if you are not used to wearing headbands or hats but you must give it a try. Hats are a great way to style up your winter jumpers and sweaters.
  • Put on the Earrings – This is one of the first things that comes to the mind when you think of a fluffy and big sweater. You will love the way the statement earrings look with them. This can look really great and balance the look really well if you opt for the right piece. You can also choose from the statement jewellery online so that your earrings look perfect with the sweaters. 
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