Cyber Security And Its Importance in An Advanced Technical World

In a time when we spend most of our time online, cyber-attacks are prone to happen. To safeguard ourselves from any possible attacks, cyber security is a must.

Why cyber security has become so important suddenly? Earlier it was the technical people who were worried about the security of an organization. And it was largely viewed as the responsibility of the IT department. Many thought that as long as the right antivirus firewalls and other security measures are in place, their organization is secured. But in recent times, things have changed a lot. Cyber security is something no one can ignore.

Companies are spending money to protect their information and data from outside attacks and hacking. Some organizations have sufficient funds to mobilize for their infrastructure security while some don’t have. At the same time, it is also important to secure confidential information. Hence, it is advisable to take some sort of funding and invest in securing information. There are many ways to get funding like raising money from the market, selling some shares, instalment loans for bad credit, etc. You can choose any option to get fund for implementing cyber security measures in your company.

We Have Come a Long Way

Today, we are living in a highly advanced technical world as compared to a few decades ago. For example, Smartphone and internet penetration have increased a lot. The speed of broadband has increased multiple times and more and more people are doing things online.

A very recent development in the technical field is the popularity of cloud services. Nowadays, most businesses are using this service which is accessible from anywhere across the globe.

Jump in Cyber Crime

As the use of technology has increased so is the rise in cybercrime. The world depends on technology like never before which resulted in enormous digital data creation.

Today, a very large amount of data is stored on computer and gets transmitted across networks to other destinations. Networks and other related systems are prone to attack from outside. Any type of data breach can have a serious repercussion for any organization. It can damage the reputation of a company and its trust among customers and partners. Hence, it becomes essential that organizations adopt and implement a strong cyber security measure.

Cyber Threats

We will go through some of the common cyber threats which are being used b attacker these days.

Ransomware: This is the type of cyber attacks in which your data or system is locked until a ransom is paid. These attacks have taken place very rampantly in recent years.

Malware: These are malicious software such as virus, spyware, Trojan; etc which comes to our system when we visit unwanted websites.

Phishing Attack: Many times you get an email or message from a person or an institution regarding some lottery or cash prize win. They pretend to be the official from that particular organization and ask you to reveal some critical information in order to get the benefits. This type of email, text, and call etc to obtain sensitive information from people is called Phishing Attack.

Advanced Threat: In this type of attack, an unauthorized person gains access to your computer or system for an undefined period of time without getting detected.

Types of Cyber Security

Network Security: It secures the network traffic by controlling the incoming and outgoing through some set of measures. It prevents unauthorized access to the network.

Cloud Security: Provides security to the data available in the cloud.

Intrusion Detection System: Detects the potential intrusion into the system.

Identity Access Management: It uses an authentication system to limit and keep track of workers access to secure the internal system from malicious attacks. Encryption and decryption are used to code and decode the valuable information and data.

What Lies Ahead

Conventional cyber security measures were centered on securing the periphery of an organization only. But now it has evolved a lot.

Today, security breach and illegal encroachment have increased a lot. No matter how much money a company is spending on its security, it is still penetrable for intruders. Many global companies are contemplating a human-centric cyber security approach which is more concerned about user’s behaviors rather than mounting threats. 

It is based on behavior analytics which means how a user interacts with data and security extends to all part of the system where data resides. This approach is designed to detect anomalies raised due to the user’s behavior and give importance to the most serious threat.

Cyber Security has become very essential in today’s technical world where almost everything is getting done online. A rise in the use of mobile phones and internet usages has given rise and birth to many potential cyber threats. Hence, it is vital for us to protect our valuable information from any attacks. A well designed cyber security approach is the need of the hour.

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