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Where To Buy the Best T-shirt Boxes Wholesale?

We offer free professional consultation that will help you to design your boxes. We provide free customer service for 24 hours so that you can share your views and ideas with us.

Make your Branding Part of your Packaging

Everyone wants that his or her brand should be well known in the market. Everyone should know that this is a brand that has the best things. For t-shirts people are more sensitive because they want to look good and want the best thing in the market so they just try to have it from a well-established brand. So, to know that which brand is famous they need to know about its name or the company logo. So, for the branding of your t- shirts and making easy for the customers to find out your product; you can add company logo on the t- shirt boxes. Other than this as every brand tries to grasp their customer`s attention they offer sales or promotions so for that you can add sale offers or promotions on the boxes. Similarly, the tagline on t-shirt boxes can help them to visit your online websites to learn more about you. It will also affect your online business. For adding these all things on the boxes, you can use techniques. iCustomBoxes offers printing techniques for these boxes these techniques can be digital, offset or screen printing. We also offer different templates for your printing on the boxes which are available on our website.

T-shirt Boxes

Cost-effective Shirt Packaging Boxes

In this era nothing is affordable you have to thing hundred times before you buy anything. And if you are investing in any kind of business then it is more difficult because the price of even a pen have increased from last 10 years. Nothing remains same. As t-shirts are trending and common wear so to take its business to new heights the boxes are needed for its protection and advertisement. So, in this world of inflation iCustomBoxes offers best packaging at a very affordable price. Our t-shirt boxes are very reasonable as compare to our competitors. Other than this you can also get flat off. But for that you have to order us in the form of bulk. Then you can get our exclusive discount offer. Isn`t it great? So, let`s do it and get the best thing with extra quantity with best prices. We are always looking forward for your betterment. You should not be worried of inflation if you are working with us. We will offer you exclusive discounts on the different occasions to make these occasions more memorable for you.

T-shirt Boxes

Go for eco-friendly materials

Environment is something that one should never ignore because everything is based on your own life. Each and every factor of life revolves around the environment. Your food chain, your biodiversity, climate etc. everything involve environment. So, to protect this environment is our first goal. So, for this iCustomBoxes can help you out with the help of its ecofriendly. So, for this we offer totally ecofriendly material for your packaging. For this purpose, we offer materials such as cardboard, Kraft and corrugated material. For shirt boxes you can use cardboard because it can easily mold to any shape. As well as it is convenient for you to carry it from one place to another because of its light weight. And as we are using it safe environment from pollution so cardboard is suitable because it can easily dispose. Environment also consist of weather changes so cardboard is suitable for this because it is a weather resistant the external change of temperature will not affect your product whereas the it is also water proof. These boxes are very convenient for your customers also because they can also reuse to keep different products.

T-shirt Boxes

What makes your t-shirts special?

Making something special means to add creativity to it. To give it a unique touch so that everyone can attract towards. To make your t-shirts attractive let’s work on its packaging. So, the first thing is how we can add creativity to it to give unique touch? So, to make it creative let’s add some features. For features we have designs, colors, finishing, styles and shapes. For designs we can choose some eye-catching colors. For this we have color patterns such as CYMK and PMS. With colors let`s give it a new finishing look. With this finishing you can have smooth and decent packaging.

So, what about adding some stylish ingredients to your t-shirt boxes? Style is something that presents your product in a unique way so to present your t-shirts we can add different box styles such as custom pillow boxes, two-piece etc. to give it an artistic touch you can add sleeve packaging. And if you want it to display for your customer add window die cut to your boxes. Let`s make it more helpful you can also use these for gift. For gift t-shirt boxes you can add different wishes on the boxes to make it more memorable according to the occasion. You can add different decoration accessories such as ribbons, bows, beads etc. What about adding a geometrical touch? For this these boxes can be made in different shapes according to the requirement of your t- shirt such as square, rectangle, gable etc. And these can be customized in every size.

T-shirt Boxes

Why us?

T-shirt is a common trending part of clothing industry. And it is always in demand. Due to which there is a huge manufacture of the t-shirt. If you are worried that will you stand out in this competition? Then you should not worry because iCustomBoxes is here for your help. We will work as a partner with you to stand in this market. To commercialize your product, we are the best option for your packaging. We offer free professional consultation that will help you to design your boxes. We provide free customer service for 24 hours so that you can share your views and ideas with us. Are you worried about delivery? Then we have a solution for you we provide free delivery in US and you can get your order on time. And we will make sure that you will not be disappointed.


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