Where to find the hoverboard in just cause 4 | Segways

Where to find the hoverboard in just cause 4 Hoverboard industrial design | Segways

It’s 2018 and we are not too close to the flying board, which is equipped with two anti-gravitates instead of wheels. In the summer of 2015, Some organization trying to presented its prototype hoverboard. The board is called Slide and can only fly along a given trajectory. Especially for the presentation of the product, the company built a skatepark; magnetic rails are laid under the flat surface of the ramps, which prevent the board from falling.

The board flies due to superconductors, in which the resistance is zero at low temperatures. If you place a superconductor in a magnetic field, it is completely displaced from its volume. This creates a magnetic cushion that allows the board to resist gravity.

The required low temperature appears due to the use of liquid nitrogen, which is flooded with a superconductor. It is because of him that steam is visible in the video around the board.

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Not only corporations are working on flying board projects. French athlete and inventor Frankie Zapata has already presented 2 projects, conventionally similar to a hoverboard.

The first is a board that surfs over the water using a powerful stream of water. It exists in two versions: a prototype Fly board and a modified version of the Hoverboard, which is capable of accelerating to 37 km / h. The structure looks massive: a long hose is attached to the board through which water is supplied. It provides the required head. Frankie showed the prototype back in 2011, but the stable version did not appear until 2014, when he organized a large-scale presentation of Hoverboard’s capabilities.

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On the our website, you can buy the skate itself, a hose, fasteners and a suit. It is not necessary to buy a special water scooter, the design of segboards is modular, it can be connected to modern models of water scooters.

The second project is Fly board Air. This design is very far from the concept from the movie “Back to the Future”. In shape, it resembles a small model of a spaceship. a helmet and a special suit are required for use.

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The device can fly 10,000 feet (3048 meters) without recharging and develops a speed of up to 150 km / h, which means that the device can fly until the battery runs out for 10 minutes. The website states that Fly board Air is available for pre-order, but there is a note that it is not suitable for “entertainment purposes.” The cost of this non-entertainment toy is about some thousand dollars.

The flight with the knapsack is spectacular, but short. The design uses an internal combustion engine and burns fuel very quickly. On average, the flight lasts 30 seconds. This hinders the distribution of knapsacks, their commercial success. However, enthusiastic inventors do not want to give up and are persistently looking for a way to the sky. To prolong the time in the air, they are improving the design of the backpack.

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