Which Version Of Magento Should You Use For Your Business?

Which Version Of Magento Should You Use For Your Business?

Today, ecommerce businesses are flourishing around the world and are making hefty profits. Therefore many entrepreneurs plan to invest in customized ecommerce solutions to build online stores of their own. Choosing the right ecommerce development platform is important to create a perfect ecommerce website. Magento Website Development  is popularly used to build ecommerce websites. It is widely used for developing feature-rich advanced ecommerce websites. 


There are different versions of Magento so you need to decide which one to choose for creating your website. Here we will discuss Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source to see which one to choose for website development. 


Magento Commerce


Magento Commerce formerly known as Magento Enterprise Edition is a version of the Magento ecommerce platform which is aimed at large businesses and enterprises. This is a premium version that comes with a license fee and comprises all the functionalities that a large business requires for ecommerce websites. It is available either in the form of platform-as-a-service or on-premise software. If you have a large business that has a lot of requirements then opting for Magento website development using Magento Commerce is the best choice. 


Magento Open-source 


Magento Open-source is the open-source version of this platform that anyone can use for free to build websites. It comes with many excellent features that enable you to create world-class ecommerce websites easily. By choosing a Magento developer, you can build a customized website that will fit your business needs. Though the open-source version is a robust platform to create and start your website you have to face several trade-offs for features and functionality to get it for free. It can be a good choice for businesses that operate on a small scale and have limited business requirements. 

Differences between Magento Commerce and Magento Open-source

Business Focus

When it comes to ecommerce website development, Magento Commerce is a preferable choice for medium and large businesses as it is focused on these businesses more than the open-source version. Hence, Magento Commerce is appropriate for enterprises to build high-end ecommerce websites. 


It is pretty much clear that Magento Commerce is more powerful than the open-source version as it comprises additional functionality that is not available with the open-source version. However, due to the open-source structure, you can utilize the full potential of the open-source version to build quite sophisticated and power-packed websites.


As we have discussed earlier Magento Commerce is available at a certain premium while Magento Open-source comes free of charge. By paying the premium, you get access to all the advanced ecommerce features that will allow you to easily run your business. Apart from this, with the premium version, you are also eligible for Magento support and they will help you whenever you get into trouble. 


When you choose Magento website development, you would like to ensure to build a scalable site. Websites that are built on Magento's open-source version have a little potential for scalability. But you get a huge scalability potential with the Commerce version of this platform. As your business grows, your site can also grow to accommodate your rising needs. 

Wrapping up

So, which Magento version should you choose for ecommerce website development? It all depends on your project needs and scale of business. A large business needs a platform that can handle a huge customer base as well as offer additional features to run a business. Magento Commerce can be your choice if you have a very large business and you can open-source when you are just starting. With the open-source functionality, you can build great websites with Magento open-source. 

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