Why Apache Solr Will Be In Demand In The Future

Why Apache Solr will be in demand in the future

The 21st Century is all about digitalization. Almost every one of us is habitat to online searches. If you want to order a delicious dinner, then you will search for restaurants near you or open a food app and search for what you are craving for. Even if you want to go somewhere, then you will search that place up and navigate to it. 

Even if we don’t do any searches on Google, we often perform searches on various websites, for example, searching for anything on Amazon, or searching a perfect movie to watch on Netflix, or searching your most favorite book on the online bookstore. So, basically, a search is involved in everyday lives. 

So, businesses are enhancing the search function to serve a better searching experience for their users. Some people are adapting to the Enterprise Search which enables a faster and smarter searching experience. Businesses opt for Enterprise Search Consulting which includes Apache Solr Consulting and Elasticsearch consulting, as both Apache Solr and Elasticsearch are Enterprise Search Software. 

Looking at the current search usage in everyday lives, we can say there is a big part of the search function in our lives. And that’s why there will be a larger scope for the Enterprise Search software in the future, as most business websites and portals will be using Enterprise Search software like Apache Solr, Elasticsearch, and other such software. 

But, a lot of people are using Apache Solr because of its full-text data search and multiple file format support. Now looking at the wider reach of Apache Solr Search Engine, let’s see where Apache Solr is used currently, and how its demand will be increasing in the future.

How Apache Solr is doing Currently

Apache Solr has been in the market for the last 15 years, but it came in the limelight before four or five years only. Since Solr can work with multiple file formats like JSON, PDF, Excel Files, Word files, and a lot more file formats. So, it is easy to work with Solr which can fetch your desired text string or file from a large chunk of files and database.

If you have searched something in the search bar and you get immediate results from a large database of files on the server, then they might be using the Apache Solr Search Engine. Apache Solr returns fast and accurate search results and that’s why a lot of companies use Apache Solr for their searching function and serving a great search experience to their users.

Some public websites that use Apache Solr as their search engines are:

  • Netflix
  • AT&T
  • Ford
  • Cisco
  • Openindex
  • Helprace
  • FINN.no
  • Akademika.no

All those public websites are using Apache Solr as its in-built search engine to provide faster search results to the user. Apart from those websites, the Norwegian Tax Administration website also uses Apache Solr to handle all that sensitive and confidential data. So, there is no doubt about the security and reliability of the Apache Solr Search Engine.

So, more and more people are getting aware of searching experience on their websites and adopting Enterprise Search Implementation to enhance the searching experience, which can increase the conversion rate and provide you with a decent ROI.

Fetching a specified text string from a huge data mountain in petabyte size can be hard for normal searches, and that’s why Enterprise Search Engines exist. Apache Solr is doing just fine in searching for specified data from the petabyte sized database. 

But wait, there are not just those websites that use Apache Solr, but there are a lot of such websites and companies that already use Solr and a lot of websites and companies are planning to.

Do Major Search Engines use Solr?

There are a lot of Major Search Engines that are using Apache Solr. Those famous search engines are including Yahoo!, AOL, and Cnet. Yes! You read it right. All those search engines rely on Apache Solr for their searching function. But, you might have missed a major search engine in this list, right? And that is the almighty search engine Google!

Yes, Google also uses Apache Solr, but not for its search engine searches, but for some different purpose. So, we can say even Google is using Apache Solr for some other stuff. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

Long story short, major websites and search engines are using Apache Solr, and you should too. 

Why Solr for the future?

Now, coming to the main reason why Apache Solr will be in demand in the future, then we must say, even small businesses are developing websites and mobile apps, and the search function is what they have to implement in any website or app. 

There could be a lot of online shopping sites, a lot of online bookstores, portals with complex data and file management as almost everything will be online. So, it is better to use a dedicated search engine for searching purposes instead of a normal searching function. 

Whatever will be visible to the customer, will get sold, and Apache Solr will help you get your product visible to the users, and that’s how you will get increased sales and thus, increased revenue. 

More and more people will be aware of Apache Solr and implement it on their website to return faster and accurate search results to their visitors, and that’s how it will be in the demand in the future. So, get ready to see more and more businesses using Enterprise Searches such as Apache Solr for their websites and business portals.

Final Words

To conclude this blog, we can say there are going to be a lot of digital products like websites and mobile apps for different businesses. To ace your business in this digital age, you must install a powerful search engine to your website or portal to deliver an exceptional search result that will help you convert visitors. There will be even more demand in the future for Apache Solr because why not?

If you are looking for a Solr Consulting Company, then you can contact us and we will provide you with the best Solr Consulting Services. Our experienced Solr Search consultants will guide you to implement the awesome Enterprise Search Apache Solr in your system and future-proof your website/portal.

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