Why Brands Still Use the Pen for Marketing and Promotion Purposes?

The pen has always been mightier than the sword. Its has heled topple many oppressive regimes across the world.

The pen has always been mightier than the sword. Its has heled topple many oppressive regimes across the world. The discovery of pen was a quantum leap in the human history and its positive after-effects continue to make the presence felt across domains. And that’s why companies find some merit in using the pen for brand awareness...

The pen may appear humble and unassuming but its ability to help create magic words, stories and tale is truly matchless. People still love to tug a pen somewhere in their shirt or paint pocket to write something, sketch images or sign documents. Even if the days of sending and receiving handwritten letters is behind us, this has not left the pen redundant a bit.

The pen continues to have a huge presence both at home and in the office. It remains one of most usable items on a daily basis and maybe that’s why brands just can’t take their focus off this ‘diminutive dynamite’. They still find the pen one of the most tangible marketing products worth investment to take their brand messages and ideas to their potential customers and clients.

If pens are still used for marketing purposes, you could be sure that cost is one of major reasons behind that. They are obviously among the least expensive items for brand promotion and yes, also deliver higher return on investment (ROI) than most other items in the similar price range.

High usability is also a reason that makes pens so endearing a product for brand awareness. Since pens are used a lot at home in the office or at work, companies want to leverage that usability to get the desired level of exposure for their brand. Plus, people love keeping pens as souvenirs, more so when they receive them from popular brands.

In addition, pens are quite like business cards as they are also fit for placing everything that would help in brand building – the company name, logo, email address, website URL and so on. That apart, most people love to carry a pen or two all the times, which can give brands more exposure without spending a lot of money.

What’s more, people don’t mind sharing pens with each other and it’s one of those items that gets passed around quite often in an office or at work. People have absolutely no problem in lending their pens to colleagues or friends around. This can ensure more exposure for a brand if it plans to invest in pens.

Similarly, pens do have a longer advertising shelf life compared to other heavy-duty and traditional forms such as TV, print ads etc. People rarely through away the pens unless it stops writing and you know pens can keep on going for at least four to five months, if not used heavily.

Even if giving away pens to prospective customers or your employees feels a bit old school, this marketing strategy is something that works and delivers amazing results in the digital age as well. Pens are affordable, people love them, and what else companies can ask for more when it comes to promoting their brand!

That’s why it’s always a good strategy to find a trusted manufacturer of promotional pens Sydney so that getting quality is never in doubt. You can order pens in any quantity, get them customized, have brand logo or company name embossed and then deliver value to your target audience.

So, take a right step towards brand building and invest in pens to make your brand building journey as much productive and success as you would always expect it to be!

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