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Why choose Cloud web hosting? Here are the reasons!

The data to be stored for a professional or an individual are often of paramount importance. Choosing a fast, efficient and secure host then becomes a necessity. A site is usually hosted on a physical server. However, the particularity of Cloud web hosting lies in its capacity to host a site in a virtual space. What are the advantages of this choice? Why choose cloud hosting over another? We tell you everything.

Why choose cloud hosting? What are the interesting aspects?

The structure of a cloud web hosting is different from that of other solutions that exist. Its principle is simple: it consists of storing your data in a dematerialized space. Thus, all your information is hosted on a set of virtual servers which are fed from several other real servers.
This process, therefore, forms a cloud (hence the qualifier Cloud). With a simple internet connection, you can access your data, whatever your position. The sites that have adopted it are faster, safer, more stable and very competitive.
It will no longer be a matter of storing your data in one place without being able to use it when the need arises. They will be accessible from any location and at any time. Music, images, text files, confidential data, everything can be stored on this Cloud hosting. And of course, this also applies to websites!
One of its main advantages is that it can operate easily without special equipment. Very popular with internet users and businesses, this alternative breaks traditional methods. It introduces a new faster and more efficient technique for hosting a website.
A private cloud is also an option available for companies that want it. And that they want a simple website or an online store. Indeed, the storage space and the rapid circulation of data are their biggest concerns.
Several features are thus available on this type of hosting which connects several servers to guarantee greater efficiency.
Cloud web hosting is full of multiple advantages that will quickly make you decide to adopt it. We will tell you more about it afterwards.

What are the advantages of choosing cloud web hosting?

Considered a new technology soon to be unavoidable, it is endowed with an incalculable number of specificities, as interesting as each other. Cloud hosting is booming and its effectiveness is well established.
A very large number of companies and individuals have adopted this type of accommodation because it is a safer, more economical and very flexible solution. This is what we were able to prove during our detailed test concerning Dhaka Colo.

With this type of hosting, you will have enough time to perfect your site. You can add specifics that will help you retain your customers or satisfy your visitors.
The advantages that make this solution one of the best on the market are numerous. These include the speed at which your pages load, the price, personalization, etc.

A flexible and adaptable solution

Hiring the services of this type of server allows you to manage your activities without great difficulty. You will no longer have to worry about problems or unexpected events related to physical servers. Also, you will have the leisure to choose all the features available to your cloud web hosting.
You can even add other options as and when you need them. All while taking into account the health of your activities. Trusting this type of accommodation will make your job easier because everything will be adaptable quickly and above all easy.

A reliable, efficient and unlimited solution

Why choose Cloud web hosting? Quite simply because it is a solution which is reliable.
Indeed, the use of such hosting implies a relocation of the servers used to host your site. Thus, an impact on one of these servers will not have a major impact on your site and your data. Several other servers are already programmed to take over.
So, as soon as a server encounters difficulties, your data or your site are automatically directed to another dedicated server in Bangladesh. The transfer is done in such a way that neither you nor your visitors will notice it. It is therefore almost impossible to lose important data with this type of solution… or possible customers.
Risk factors such as power outages or natural hazards will also no longer affect your data. You will, therefore, be able to guarantee tailor-made professional services to customers when it comes to a business. Errors related to physical servers will also not be current.
The other significant aspect is that it has unlimited data storage space. You will no longer have to worry about storage or space management. You just have to express your need to be served as quickly as possible.

A good price-performance ratio

With cloud web hosting, costs are not pre-determined, no matter what space you want to use. No need to set up a whole team of IT specialists to process information and maintain the servers.
You will, therefore, have a choice between several features and can simply customize your accommodation. By opting for this type of service, you will only have to settle the debt related to the functions from which you benefited. You will nonetheless be charged for the options you wish to add to your functionalities. Other than that, you will not be charged any additional charges.
This solution works on the principle of "pay as you use". In other words, if you use 500 GB of space, you will only be billed for the 500 GB used. It is more advantageous because you are not the only one to use the servers at your disposal. The costs are thus shared between those who exploit them.

A high level of security

Choosing this hosting model guarantees greater security for your data. As the servers are relocated, your data is kept in several places. It is therefore much easier to secure them against looks and malware.
You are therefore protected against hackers who will no longer be an equation to solve with this new system. Your data is also continuously saved on these servers.

Remarkable loading speed

This advantage is very beneficial for SEO and therefore natural SEO. Cloud hosting allows you to take advantage of the services of several servers.
The loading speed of your sites will thus be able to meet the requirements of your multiple visitors. But still, it will respond to that of Google which makes it a point of honor to highlight sites providing speed and accessibility to its users.
You will, therefore, be more competitive on the market and will be able to increase your income. Isn't that a great answer to the question, why choose cloud web hosting?

The relocation

Even if your data is hosted on servers on the other side of the world, you will have no difficulty accessing it. You can consult or use them from anywhere in the world.
Indeed, the location of your data has no impact on the proper functioning of your site or its speed. Data offshoring is much more focused on the security of servers in certain countries where data protection is a real issue.

A customizable solution

It is not just possible to store any data on cloud web hosting. You will also be able to customize it according to your requirements.
Whether it is the amount of memory, the CPU power or the disk space, no modification will be impossible for you when setting up your hosting account.
You will thus be able to increase or to decrease the capacity of your storage space. To do this, you must take into account the frequency of your activities and the amount of data put online.

Options offered with Dhaka Colo Cloud Hosting

You can also opt for public or private accommodation. Thus, a professional can choose as an option a private cloud which will be entirely dedicated to him. Sites with abundant traffic can be granted this kind of dedicated or private server to carry out their activities.
This choice also results in flawless security and speed. Regarding public hosting, it involves rallying several users on one or more same servers without losing efficiency.


Choosing Cloud web hosting is one of the best possible options for maintaining a digital space. It is the same for the efficiency of your sites. With its multiple advantages, you can enjoy the products and services linked to this type of accommodation without paying an exorbitant price.
You will only be charged for the use of the BD server hosting. Performance, efficiency and security will be at the rendezvous with this solution, to the delight of its users.
However, you must take into account certain features necessary for your business to choose a good web host. In this regard, we advise you to take a look at the offers offered by Dhaka Colo.
That said, this article about "Why choose to cloud hosting?" Stops there. In any case, we hope that you have been able to find the answers to your questions.

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