Glass works in Dubai

Why Choose Frosted Glass Works for your Office in Dubai?

Glass works in Dubai

Glass is integral to any modern office design these days. While we’re all aware of the elegance and versatility glass offers, we get confused when the right for choosing the right type comes. And it’s only natural because there is a huge variety to choose from. 

If you’re planning to revamp your office space and want to incorporate glass, we suggest frosted glass. Before you ask why? Take a look at the list of benefits it offers.

Advantages of Frosted Office Glass Partitions 

When you search for glass works in Dubai online, you will definitely come across frosted glass type in the search results. They’re perfect for any office space due to the following reasons:

Great Lighting

Natural lighting plays a huge role in improving employee productivity. And frosted glass greatly fits this requirement. It is neither transparent nor translucent and lets the right amount of natural light to come in. It brightens up your office space and completely reduces the need for artificial lighting thereafter letting you save energy.

Another advantage is that employees or clients feel more welcomed in a brighter space. Moreover, it’s frosted so it prevents harmful UV rays from reaching you directly, instead enables the ‘good rays’ to come in. 

Ensures Privacy

In a typical office setting, multiple teams work together under one roof. Each team has its own department and each require their own privacy. And to ensure the same, designers recommend the use of frosted glass. The translucent nature of this glass type creates a perfect balance between openness and privacy. You can use such glasses for conference rooms, break rooms or manager cabins. Talk to an specialist to get some more ideas on the use of frosted glass in your office.           

Increased Aesthetics

One of the major reasons why glass is preferred in an office design is aesthetics. Not just that, you can take things a notch higher by using text on frosted glass or adding some colours to it. Frosted glass partitions also add a touch of style, elegance and professionalism to the office space. This is why all architects these days greatly recommend the use of frosted glass partitions.  

Long-Lasting & Durable

Glass is known for being a breakable and fragile material. But not all glasses are designed that way. Frosted glass for instance is made using toughened glass. This means it is hard to break it even during high impact. Not one glass company in UAE, but every company out there would vouch for the sturdiness of frosted glass. It is made in a way that it can tolerate high-pressure situations such as fire or earthquakes. 

Higher Productivity

There are many office owners that don’t pay much attention to the design of their office space. They’re unaware of the fact that these things directly impact their employees’ productivity and makes them feel tired, or demotivated. 

However, when an office is bright and inviting, employees automatically feel like working more. It promotes creativity and positive energy in the environment. This is possible when you incorporate enough frosted glass in your space. 

Minimal Maintenance

It’s a myth that glass is a high-maintenance material. No, it’s not, especially not frosted glass. It is sturdy, durable and does not break easily. In addition to that, frosted glass is super simple to clean. All you need to is a damp cloth to wipe the dirt or germs off it. Experts also recommend the use of microfiber cloth to maintain the high quality of glass. 

Easy to Customize

You can customize frosted glass as per your space and preferences. You can personalize the glass with your company logo, go for half partitions, or opt for a fully frosted option for you meeting rooms as well as cubicles. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the types of glass works or wish to get a quote for your requirement, contact our glass company in UAE. Al Basira is an experienced team of professionals that will provide you with all the information you need and offer a reasonable price quote.

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