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Why Choose Glass Rooms to Expand Your Living Space in Dubai?

Thinking about renovating your outdoor space? If that’s the case, Al Basira has an exclusive collection of glass rooms that you’d be interested in. We’re a team of professionals that takes pride in creating swift glass room for all kinds of needs. As experienced experts, we do not compromise on quality and safety.

Did you know that a company in London is aiming to build transparent homes? By transparent they mean glass homes. It’s not a shocker that someone came up with an idea like this. After all, glass lets natural light come in which is good for our overall well-being.

Now, a lot of you may not like the idea of glass homes because of course, what about your privacy? Well, there’s a solution, the glasses will be tinted. While glass homes is not a ‘thing’ yet, but glass rooms are. If you have a villa with a large outdoor space and you’re looking to expand the living space for your family, glass rooms are perfect. 

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For those living the UAE, here are some benefits glass rooms Dubai can offer:-

Glass is Eco-Friendly 

The environment-friendly nature of glass makes it the perfect material for a living. The production process of glass doesn’t produce any toxic fumes which makes it better than other building materials. Moreover, glass is a durable material that is less likely to get affected by corrosion which means it will last for years to come and require rare replacements. It is also heat resistant and helps keep heat inside your room, eventually helping you reduce heating. With natural light directly coming to the room, glass rooms don’t utilize much electric lighting. You and your kids can spend their winters having a blast in these rooms. 

Additionally, glass is lightweight. You don’t need a large team for its transformation. However, it is fragile and needs to be handled with care. But yes, you don’t have to think about load-bearing limitations of any kind. 

Glass is Visually Appealing 

With a glass room, one thing is sure - your guests will be awestruck. If you like having get-togethers and are tired of using the same closed space, a glass room can be a refreshing addition. Glass adds an elegant yet inviting touch to any room and is often considered an impeccable work of art.

Contact a professional to discuss your glass project today! Share your space specification and spending limit and leave the rest to them. Professional glass room suppliers will examine your space and recommend what is best for you. 

Versatility at its Best 

If there’s one material that is truly versatile, it’s glass. No other material comes relatively close to it. It comes in varied forms and can be customized to complete varied tasks. You can use it in coloured form or choose tinted glasses to add some privacy. No matter what your preference, glass can be personalized accordingly. 

PRO TIP: Not every company that offers glass rooms, deals in different glass types. Inquire about it beforehand to avoid any confusion later on. 

Glass Offer Health Benefits

A glass room can be good for your health and by health; we do not just mean your physical health. We also mean your mental health. Natural light holds the power to cure seasonal depression. It makes you feel less lonely and allows you to embrace nature in its true state. You can have your early morning drinks whilst admiring the view in these rooms and boom your entire day will turn out positive. 

We’re all humans. And if you didn’t know, all of us respond to light in some way or the other. It boosts our mood which is one of the major reasons why office owners also prefer glass-based offices to keep their employed motivated. A little bit of light every day can give you enough energy for the rest of the day and a good night’s sleep.


Get in touch with our experts at Al Basira. Check out our glass rooms UAE selection and let us help you choose the glass room of your dreams. We’re also happy to address any questions or concerns that you may have. Our team comprises some incredibly talented specialists who have been in the glass business for ages, they’d be happy to give you more insights.



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