Why every business needs website or SEO

Why every business needs a website or SEO ? – 4 reasons why every business needs a website-

In this blog you get information or reason about why every blog needs a website or SEO for your website.

You might be wondering about the question in the title, do I really need a website for my business? Maybe you have a small or local business, or maybe you already have a Social network page that promotes your business and gives you a presence on the internet.

Actually, you might think of many other reasons why you might not need a website, but the truth is that every business, small or big, online or offline needs a website or promotion for getting traffic you have to do search engine optimization or Digital marketing. here you can learn Best Digital marketing course in dehradun by hashtag academy.

In this article, we will consider 4 main reasons why every business needs a website:



As we can see a website can have a big impact on your business, customers, and credibility. This is why EVERY Business needs a website. Digital marketing is also important factor to promote your website.  


So what about you? Do you have one already?

-If you do not have one yet and you want your business to grow and improve that you should seriously consider getting one!

-If you do have, does it adds to your credibility, customers and profits? Is your website is mobile friendly and responsive?


Building a proper website for your business might seem like a complicated and expensive task, however it doesn’t have to be such.


In future article we will discuss what is needed for building such website for your business and what important things need to take into consideration while doing so.

Now I will tell you what is SEO and how you can do it for your website -

Search engine Optimization (SEO) is basically managing and maintaining your websites according to the criteria set by search engines like google, bing , yahoo, etc. SEO helps to get higher ranking of your website on the top of the search engines like google, bing etc.

There are two types of methods for Search engine optimization (SEO).

1.On-Page SEO·  

2.Off-page SEO

On-page Search engine Optimization-

On-page search engine optimization is a process of the optimization web pages, individual  Description, tags pages, meta, title, photos, videos, according to the criteria set by search engines and algorithms. It will help to increase the high session duration, a number of viewers, less bounce rate, and the user interactions, better user experience. For on-page SEO, a right optimize knowledgeable content with adding main, supporting, seed keywords provide the higher ranking on the search engines mainly Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. 

Keyword research - Keyword research helps to find the right keyword for your website's home page, individual pages. you can find the correct keywords (main, supporting, seed, long tail) for the website pages. you can use google keyword planner to find keywords for your website.

Content Management- Content management is Optimizing website content with main, supporting, Seed keywords according to the keyword research done by keyword research tools. you can use one or more images in content or make internal links to guide readers to the next topic so that he stays on your website instead of leaving. Optimize of meta tags, headlines, images, videos, infographics or content. Low content means less information more content will increase your website SEO ranking, time a visitor spends on your website or website traffic. it will increase session duration which is very important in SEO. Use website URL search engine optimization friendly.Set Setting sitemap or robort.txt files. Design website Responsive/mobile friendly. Run Page loading speed test, or Keyword density test.

Off-Page search engine optimization-

The off-page Search engine is basically the Promotion of your website on other websites for improving your search engine ranking or website traffic. you can promote your website on famous or on the top social media website. As linked in, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.  SEO is a technique to get Direct, organic, Paid, search traffic on your website by using various methods.

Social media marketing(SMM) –Social media marketing is a technique or the process of using social media websites like Facebook, twitter, linked in,etc for promoting your product or website for making your brand popular, making your advertisement video, Photo etc. Reach more audience and also to get traffic to your website. You can also see all the details about SEO services.

Article posting or Document sharing- Link bulding is very important for SEO by using Atricle posting you can make backlinks for your web pages. Document sharing is a Process of posting your thoughts, views in the form of PPT, PDF or word file on the other website of the high page ranking. Making links in PPT, PDF files of your website to get reach or traffic. Top document sharing sites are as follows- Linked in, slideshare.net, Scribd.com,slideserve.com, mediafire.com, authorstream.com, Dropbox.com, Docstock.com etc.

Social media Optimization –Process by which you integrate social media channels into your website content by including Social login, Social tags, Facebook page link panel, Social media buttons, Share buttons etc. Basically, this is done to make your website more easy sharable on social media. 

Blog commenting-Putting the comment, thoughts, views inputs in blog/article/news etc. you can build the links in the rb_blog related to your website.

Local ads posting-Local ads important for off page SEO. They help you to promote your business and link your website on the various classified sites by posting your business ads. These are some top classified sites- OLX.com, qukir.com Click.in, locanto.com, clickindia.com, sulekha.com, ad2max.com. 

Directory Submission –Directory submission basically listing your website in various business directories under the appropriate category that best suited your service. Some top directory submission sites are as follows justdial.com, indiamart.com, trdeindia.com, startlocal.in etc.

Guest Posting-It is one the off-page search engine optimization technique which are basically used ton get reputation as well as link your website. if you think you have got knowledge and it can help other people then you can make your brand name stronger by posting as guest on other websites.

Forums Posting-It is basically an off-page SEO technique which is posting the answers on the website related forums posting sites.

Google ads-Google ads allow you to create online ads to get the maximum reach to your business. You can run the Search, Display, or Video campaigns on the google ads by setting up the manual or automated biding for your campaigns.  Run your website ads to get on the 1st page by seo services in dehradun. At the end, I refer you most recommended Best digital marketing course in dehradun

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